A special garden

On the land I work on, one of our good friends lives there, Rebecca. This is a picture of her garden. She actually owns a business where she makes wreaths out of honeysuckle.

Rebecca has a special place in our heart. She is actually from New York, but exemplifies true hospitality. I've cabin sitted her cabin when she was away, and the first time Ginger saw it she loved it. It has another special place in my heart, it is where I proposed to Ginger. It was one of those God things. I was trying to come up with something special and unique two Christmas's ago. I wanted it private, intimate, and I wanted God at the forefront. So a week before Christmas, Rebecca calls and asks if I want to stay there over the holiday's she'd be out of town. And a plan began to form. I won't give away all the details, but I completely surprised Ginger. We had just sang happy birthday to Jesus and had a little cake (a tradition from my family) and we had one more gift each to open. So under the light of the Christmas tree, I opened mine then gave her her's. She opened this little box that said to stand up and close her eyes. She knew then. In the light of the Christmas tree, the wood stove burning wood to keep us warm, she opened her eyes to me, on my knees, asking for her to spend the rest of her life with me. Rebecca didn't know I was planning this, so she was happily surprised. Ginger was even more surprised. So what did we do? We were hungry and the only thing open on Christmas was Whataburger. You guessed it, we went and had a hamburger and just glowed with that newly engaged look! We felt God smiling down on us. I went through alot of planning, with the ring, with asking her parents for her hand in marriage (yes, people still do that!), and even asking my parents (MOM) for their blessing. I'll never forget my Mom's response, "She is exactly what I have been praying for you in a help mate all these years." My Mom, I'll write about her tomorrow. But I love her dearly. And Ginger and I? We are more in love than we've ever been. I love her more than anything on this earth, she is my heart song.

Anyway, there I go getting mushy. I can't help it. When your married to the most beautiful girl in the world you tend to get mushy...

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