Best Friends

Last night my best friend, Brandon, and one of Ginger's best friends, Amanda, came over for dinner. The two met at our wedding and were married about 5 weeks later! It's the first time we've actually all been able to get together, fellowship, and have a really good time. They were concentrating on their marriage for the first couple of months, adjusting to being newly married.

What was funny is they came in, there was the greeting of each other, lots of hugs and we missed you, then Brandon and I go off into the kitchen (I was cooking spagetti) and Ginger and Amanda off to the living room to have girl talk. Naturally, Brandon and I talk about sports (He is a big OU fan, I'm a Longhorn and bleed burnt orange), jobs, and being newly married. We can hear the giggling and laughter out of the living room, it'll get quiet (what do girls talk about when the whisper?), then another burst of laughter!

We had dinner in which we all four sat around and talked, well, mostly Ginger and Amanda! When we all get together, nothing is off limits, which is great. We all sit around, cut up, relax, and just enjoy the moment of being together with friends. All of us are the counselors of our group of friends. We are the one's who get the calls, or are leaned upon when things are not so good. So what happens when we struggle? We have moments like last night, where the counselors get together and lean on each other and talk about OUR struggles. We are looked upon as the strong one's, but we are weak along with everyone else. We have our moments of breakdowns, and doubts, and adjusting to changes in life. And moments like last night are refreshing because they allow us to recharge, and get things off our chest, and because we are all believer's in Christ, there is alot of praising God, and Scripture talk and giving each other verses we rely upon to make it through the tough times.

After dinner, you guessed it, we were split off again, Brandon and I on the couch sharing and Ginger and Amanda at the kitchen table. Till they got silent again and I made the comment, "whatcha talkin about?" Lots of giggling, Ginger blushes, and they go off into another room (okay, really, what do girls talk about!).

It was a fabulous night, I got some much needed guy time with one of the people I can just let loose with. I have a chicken wing recipe that he is dying to try, and we cannot wait for Texas-OU football, and hopefully a great Dallas Cowboy football season. We both have wives that come from affluent backgrounds, we are both the rebel children of our families who've defied the odds and have close knit relationships with our parents again. So we have alot in common as far as insecurities with providing (I talked at length about my job) and how we have the most amazing wives who truly love us. Yeah, both of us thought our wives were out of our league, but God has an amazing ability to match make. And we are both accepted as sons in our wives families and our wives are like daughter in our families. If you only knew what a miracle that was.

Brandon finally got to see my drawings, and it looks like I'll be doing a drawing for him. Amanda loved the drawing of her and Ginger, and I feel that familiar urge to begin drawing again. Yeah, I'm pretty private with showing my drawings off, more of that self confidence issue I have. But when Brandon thought the drawing on the mantel was a picture, well, that helped!

So now we are going to get together next week, and Ginger and Amanda will have their weekly dinner date. Brandon and I will be doing odd jobs with each other as we get them, and life is good. I'm recharged, I finally got my guy time, and Ginger is tickled pink about the reconnection. There will be many more dinners to come, and good times to share, and memories to be made. More cooking to be done, more giggling by the girls, and two guys looking at their wives (we know what they are talking about!) In the fall, our neighbors will have to bear a few yells of TOUCHDOWN as Texas scores on OU (and vice versa if OU scores). Until then there will be the required discussion about who is better, all in fun, and another year of bragging rights will be given. Ginger and I love them both dearly.

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