You gotta love Monday's. No, not really, you don't. Monday is the busiest day of the week for me. Not only is it the beginning of the work week, but I get off work, go home and shower, then I'm off to Celebrate Recovery (5pm to 10). Hey, I use to go straight there from work, but I needed that buffer in between.

So the meeting went absolutely fantastic! In large group we had special music. I did the announcements and I'm getting more and more comfortable with it. I stopped trying to make mistakes. I know that sounds silly, but I wanted to be the perfect announcement giver. I emulated people, tried to please everyone, and it smelled alot like codependent behavior. So I let go. I gave it to God (and Ginger prays everytime that I go up there that I just be natural, she has my Mom's heart, who prays for my pride, and God listens to them both!) and it hasn't been the same since. But that is what the group and recovery is about, learning and growing. I have yet to have a newcomer come in those doors and say "I got this, got a handle on it!" Usually they come in scared, hurt, angry, distrusting, just daring you to help them and yet in their eyes begging you to help them. And we lead them to the source of our healing, God. Yep, Jehovah Rapha. If that sounds alot like church to you, well, it is church to alot of us.

So the music was awesome and I got a big surprise. If you read my post Addiction, then you read about a friend of mine on parole. Well, he surprised us all by showing up, having been released. He got a second chance. It was good to see him and I pray he learned a valuable lesson. It was my old friend back. Yeah, I'm cautious, but God healed me, I know He can heal him.

The biggest joy of my night was the next hour. Being the co-ministry leader I stay out in the front while the small groups are going on. Usually it's pretty quiet but I'm there to handle various issues that come up. Last night was a quiet night for issues. So I hung out with the police officer that is our security guard. I've been helping with some graphics with him on a project he is doing. So for those that know me, have heard my full testimony, this is an amazing thing. Who'd of thought I'd have a police officer as a friend. Usually I was scared to death of them. For those of you who don't know much about addiction, there are three places active addiction leads you: Rehab, Jail, or Death. I've been to two, and flirted with the third. Anyway, I get to hear amazing stories from him and he gets to hear them from me. I have alot of respect for him and all police officers, they have a thankless job sometimes.

So after the small groups is the Solid Rock Cafe, where everyone mingles. I get to share with a good friend of mine how our lives in recovery are vastly different than our addiction lives. I guess I should say I'm sponsoring him and we love to laugh with each other. Laughter is healing, just ask Ginger!

Then I got to go home to my wife, who left about a half hour before I did. I got to do my little dance (and she laughed and laughed) and we recapped our day. I checked my email and had a wonderful email from my Dad. I have to mention it because I'd emailed him earlier about a Scripture question. That is who I go to if I have those questions. I remember him reading his bible before work, doing his devotions, and I gotta say that example has carried over to his son now (took long enough). I've told you all about my Mom, how she is such a prayer warrior for me, well, my Dad has been an example of leadership and a pillar of wisdom for me. He goes to God. And all those lessons, all that time I watched him, I'm starting to apply. Because of his example. Sometimes we don't see the impact we are making, so I just wanted him to know (since he reads this blog). Love you Dad, your truly the best Dad in the world to me.

Okay, gotta get ready for work! Thanks for all the comments everyone is leaving! Yes Debbie, I know Tanna, that picket fence and arch is on one of her properties to which I have the honor of living in. My wife and I want to put something in that area where we can sit and make smores! Talk to everyone later!

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