The best mother in the world

I have an opportunity, in the ministry I'm involved with, to hear about all kinds of mothers, and even see a few. I've heard many stories, of good mothers, faithful mothers and adopted mothers to people who've not had very good mothers. I've heard stories of faith, heartbreaking stories, and even redemptive stories of mothers who turned it all around with God's help.

In the mother department, I got extremely blessed. Yes, in my eyes, I have the best mother in the world. She exemplifies motherhood, in fact, to me she could write the book on how to be a mother. It wasn't that she was perfect, it's that she was faithful and loving. She raised me to love God. She raised me with manners, and to be educated. She taught me to love others and respect others. She brought out the best in me. She kissed my cuts and bruises, she took care of me when I was sick, she cheered me on as I grew up.

And then I got into addiction. I'm not proud of it. I broke my mother's heart too many times to keep count. I lived for me, forget Mom or Dad, or anyone else. In my hurt and pain I left a trail of destruction vast and wide. My Mom had every opportunity to write me off. She could have disowned me, forgotten me, left me to my own devises. But she didn't. In those dark days, she prayed. She anquished for her son. She continued to love someone who was very unlovable. In other words, she expemplified Christ. Christ loves us even as we are yet sinners. And my Mom went to the cross several times uttering my name before God. Help my son, please. It wouldn't surprise me if there were tears of blood.

God answered those prayers. Her son is now sober (almost 8 years). Her son is married to the love of his life (to which his parents prayed in, of that I have no doubt) and lives a successful life in the Lord. He isn't perfect but he is that son who she raised. No longer does she jump at the phone, worried about news (is he gone?), now the phone calls are joyuous times, family times, loving times. She's coming down soon (from Iowa) and I can't wait to hug her, and be with her. There are many mothers out there, God picked the perfect mother for me, and so on this day I honor her, for she is and will alway be Mommy to me.


  1. A beautiful tribute to a faithful, loving mom. I know she gives thanks to God every day and delights in your love. Happy Mother's Day to her!


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