I just want to rock!

Today I got up in a squirrely mood. Not a bad mood, just a let my hair down kind of mood. I didn't want to listen to talk radio on the way into work, so I picked out one of my favorite CD's to rock to. Kutless: Heart's of the Innocent. I'm a true rocker. My teenage years were spent in the hair metal 80's. Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people! Now Ginger hates metal (my Mom I'm sure is sooo happy about that!). Can't stand it. She'll tolerate maybe one song, and then it's off to Dave Matthews, Colbie, you get the point. So to get my fix when I'm in this mood I either have to a) listen to it in my car or b) listen to it when she's running errands or exercising or c) listen to it in my studio as I'm drawing or blogging.

Well, I for the most part listen to Christian rock, hence Kutless. My favorite band is still Skillet though. But there is a song on the CD, Shut Me Out, that I absolutely love. Gone are the days when I act like a fool and bang my head going down the road, but I do an occasional drum solo now and again. It's freeing for me. I love the electric guitar, and the words, and it satisfies my craving.

I have a mix CD that has some of my old favorites, AC/DC, Poison, etc. so when I really need a fix of the old time favorites I can. I've taken ALOT of flak from the Christian community for having such CD. It's evil, I'm on the road back to addiction, I've backslidden, I've even been told my soul is in jeapordy because I have a liking for Poison's Nothing But a Good Time. First it's the music, then smoking, then drinking, then I'm on the road to destruction, blah blah blah. (all quite recently I'm afraid). This music doesn't take me to a bad place. Actually the Poison song reminds me of my brother and I in our pool on a summer day. Not all music is bad (some is). But I'm justifying. I'm sure the Beach Boys in their day, or even Elvis, were thought to be tools of evil at one time, and yes, I like the Beach Boys (I Get Around) and Elvis (Jailhouse Rock). I love Green Day's "Do you know the enemy?" and I could really go on.

I guess my point is, if I know someone is struggling with a song I play, I won't play it. Maybe it takes them to a bad place. But when I'm alone, in the sanctuary of my car, I don't see God sending lightning bolts because I tap my feet to a song, Christian or not. Now you won't find me playing Venom or Slayer, or the countless other Death Metal bands out there. Some stuff, even for me, is just silly and screaming is not my thing. And there are some bands I do avoid because it reminds me of bad places in my life (Queensryche). But if I decide to play a song that takes me to a happy place, then I'm going to, now I have a craving for Def Lepard..(Rock Rock till you drop).

Yeah, I decided to be lighthearted tonight. If you don't like secular music, I respect your choice, but don't look down on me because my opinion is different. So crank up the stereo!

God Bless

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