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Week 33: Cicada Killer Wasp

Week 32: Floating Light Bulb and the Stomach Flu

Week 31: Trick Shot with Light Bulb Glowing

Week 30: Silhouette effect and a Beatiful Spider

Week 29: When Bipolar and Depression Collide

Week 28: 50th Anniversary for my Mom and Dad

Week 27 Portraits of Ginger, Us, Grandchildren and More

Week 26: Portrait of Ginger and I

Week 25: Self Portrait and Fractals

Week 23-24: Ginger and Begs

Week 22: World War II Montage

Week 21: Memorial Day and Remembrance

Week 20: Mom and Dad and Nordic blood

Week 18-20: Storm clouds, Georgia, and a Special Wedding

Week 17: Colorful Flowers

Week 16: Ginger's Favorite Flower, Red Azalea's and Bunny Butts