Week 41: Pictures from the Ranch and Portraits from Tennessee

Okay buckle up everyone, there are a lot of pictures coming your way this blog. 

One of the questions I get sometimes is why I like to spend my Saturday morning working out in Lindale.  The short answer is, if there was an ideal job it is pretty much this one.  Where as my regular job is full of pressure, Saturday is about as stress free as it can get.  Don't get me wrong, it is hard work, but hard work I enjoy.  Rebecca is a joy to work for, a wonderful friend, and has such an artistic flair.  Working for another creative is a dream.   But one of the things I get to do there is take pictures.  I did it at her old ranch and her new ranch is no exception. 

So where to start.  Abby, Rebecca's brother's dog loves to ride on the 4 wheeler with me.  So we just had to have a photo op:

Here is Andy, Abby's owner and Rebecca's brother, drilling a hole in a rock.  Even I got a little piece of the drill!

They have a new edition at the ranch, Jewels.  This is a beautiful, gentle dog.  And Jewel's loves to be petted:

Of course there are other animals as well.  There are 4 horses and a goat on the land too:

That is Honey coming up to check me out.  As I am working it is not unusual for them to come up to see what I am doing.  So Honey gave me a close up:

So in my duties this last Satruday I was able to ride out to the back gate and take a couple of pictures.  Of course Abby was right by my side.  I decided to take the green shots and then, with Photoshop, turned the pictures into a fall wonderland:


Photoshop Fall

Photoshop Fall
So when you see all that, you can see why it is such a treat to be able to go out there.  Photography aside, it is such a peaceful place to go to and let the whole weight of the world just flow away. 

Now some more pictures from the cabin.  In this case, it is portrait time!

The whole Tennessee gang
Daddio and Mommio

Mark, Jenny and Kids

My Wife and I

Ginger loves this effect on the picture, makes it painterly she says!

And last but not least, I was telling my neighbor about this water trough leading up to the water mill, so figured I would put a picture up of it. 

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures!  Thank you all for your prayers.  Ginger and I are doing well, and Ginger, as we speak, is watching Hallmark Movies.  She is in heaven. 



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