Week 39 and 40: Tennessee Vacation

Smoky Mountains Canon 5d Mark III f4.0 ISO 100 1/30 sec

 So for those who follow this blog you may have noticed I skipped last week.  Last weekend Ginger and I went to Tennessee for vacation.  Besides being to Chattanooga for a night I had not been on an extended stay there.  We followed Ginger's parents there and met Ginger's sister and family at a resort close to Knoxville before heading toward Gatlinburg and a cabin up in the mountains. 

I needed this vacation.  It was, for me, going to be a photographic and creative getaway.  Here is what I felt was absolutely hilarious.  Ginger had one suitcase.  Here is a picture of just the equipment I took (not even my suitcase):

As far as luggage, I had Ginger beat by a long shot.  But since we were driving I could take what I needed or felt I would need.  And for the most part I used everything shown.  And my two newest lens (Sigma 150-600mm and Canon 16-35mm) would end up being my workhorses. 

So we stayed one night at the Wilderness Resort.  The room was fantastic, and the kids loved it.  But the view from the room, oh my goodness, the view:

Wilderness Resort
Now the next picture, well I just had to have.  The only thing missing are two daughters (and I almost asked Rebecca and Julia to let me take a picture of them in this hallway (I could do some Photoshop magic....).  Anyone who has read Stephen King's The Shining will understand....

Beyond that, it was the perspective of an endless hallway that enticed me.  Should have seen me running around the hallways taking pictures.....

Then, after a night at the resort it was off to the cabin:

A mile up into the mountains, this three story cabin was just newly built.  It had been involved in the fire of Gatlinburg in November 2016 so everything was new.  And it was a beauty.  And because during this time we had a full moon and I was on the third floor, well, every night I was out on the balcony taking pictures.  I ended up, on this trip, taking 346 pictures.  So it will take me a little bit to go through all the pictures.  However.....

So the Thursday night before we left we were out having a good time with our neighbors.  Each decided they wanted a picture of something. 

So Kayla wanted a picture of a cat.  Couldn't get that, but I thought I might substitute a butterfly instead:

My favorite of the two

Nathan, Kayla's husband wanted an abandoned building (or a girl drinking a latte).  Settled for the building:

Silver Efex Pro Filter


And lastly, Michael wanted a picture of nature.  And it just so happens that this shot is my favorite of the trip.  Ginger thought I was going to fall into the stream taking this shot.  It isn't technically perfect (should of had a higher f stop) and who cares!  This shot to me was just an amazing shot that captured the beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

Of course another favorite shot of mine was one of the last ones.  I have Becky to thank for this one.  She wanted to stop and overlook Gatlinburg.  And I have Larry to thank for pulling over.   I just so happened to bring my tripod.  I love city nightscapes and this one, with a full moon, nestled in the mountains, well, I was a happy photographer indeed.

Gatlinburg at night time
So I will be going through all the pictures I have and posting some more.  I have deer, more landscapes, old cabins, flowers and infrared shots all to go through.  But for a photographer, that is paradise, looking for the gems.  I even have family photos!  So I have some editing to do.....

Thanks to all for your comments, support and prayers.  Now to sort through some photos....



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