Week 43: When Bipolar and Photography Collide

So for those that follow this blog you may have noticed that I skipped last week.  I get asked a question every so often dealing with Ginger's bipolar and my love for photography.  What happens when the two collide?  I mean, Sunday is my usual time to write my blog but what happens if Ginger is not doing well?

The answer is, of course, the blog isn't written and I take care of Ginger.  Last Sunday she needed me to sit beside her, watching Hallmark movies, rubbing her hands (which relaxes her) or feet.  Part of the tools I have in my tool box to help Ginger through a difficult time.  The fact is, as much as I love to take pictures and create art, I love my wife more.  I've been asked before do I resent Ginger if I have to put aside my hobby to care for her.  Silly question.  No, I do not.  Because when the bipolar cycles around and things are better, I have that time to create art.  And sometimes the struggle she goes through gives me an inspiration for a project.  And honestly, as much as I like looking through my camera viewfinder, I love looking at my wife more.

I had a person tell me one time, when Ginger and I were first married and we were so in love, that give it 7 years and it would mellow out.  Well, almost 8 years in and I am more deeply in love with my wife than when we first met.  I am a blessed man indeed.

We did get to see Chris Tomlin in concert Thursday night.  Fantastic concert!  Matt Maher was there and I really enjoyed listening to him.  I was less thrilled when Chris's pastor came out (it was not planned, he said, and it was to promote their new book Holy Roar), mostly because some of the things he said I did not necessarily agree with because of trauma in the past.  But I can look past that.  The music began again and we had a good time.  

So the past two weeks I have been out on Saturday's at the Lindale Ranch.  I finally got to explore some of the 26 acres and it is just pristine out there. This first picture was this Saturday, and our first frost this year.  The next is last week when it was 90!

First Frost

This was from last week when it was almost 90.  This first picture was this Saturday, and our first frost this year:

We went out to tear down a small barn and this fellow was in the field:

Speaking of the small barn we tore down, I wish some of the guys that I work with could have witnessed it.  It was a clinic in teamwork.  Ram, Andy and I got there around 9.  By 12 we were done.  Interestingly, I was the youngest there, and I am 49!  Being the smallest, I just headed to the metal sheets for the roof.  It really was amazing.  There was little talking and no one was trying to tell the other what to do.  We just did what needed to be done.  Of course I have known both for some time now, we just never all three worked at the same time together (I have worked with Ram and Andy both separately).  But each of us has a very strong work ethic.  And each had specific tools to help and shared our tools.  It was an honor to work with them both.

So the holiday's are upon us.  Last December, when Ginger and I went to Georgetown I picked up something I have wanted for a very long time.  An antique manual grinder.

It is one of those items that reminds me so much of my childhood.  Mom and Dad use to make cheese log with one.  I remember them getting it down out of the box.  So this past week I was able to use mine to recreate that memory.  I have tweaked my recipe from their cheese log, but the memories that it brought back were precious.  Now maybe I will have to make divinity sometime.....or just beg Mom and Dad to make some!  Been a while since I've been to Iowa and I am feeling the pull of the North.

So with Halloween around the corner, one of our traditions is pumpkin carving.  We have two patterns we pretty well use each time, the spider web and the haunted house.  Funny, I love photographing spiders, especially black widows, and we collect miniature haunted houses!  So here is the 2017 versions:

Last but certainly not least I have been looking to buy a new remote trigger for my camera.  My current one is on it's last leg so began some research.  And I am happy to say I found a real gem.  Not only does it trigger, but I am going to be able to do water drop photography and lightning and sound photography with it!  So far I am very happy with it indeed, and it is bluetooth with an app, so I have a lot of learning and fun to do!

Pluto Trigger

So this Sunday Ginger is doing well, watching a Hallmark Premiere and happy as can be.  Our Sunday night schedule.  Am I watching Hallmark?  Oh no, I have my head phones in listening to Spotify, Don't Stop the Fight by Fastway.  Fitting considering Halloween is two days away!  Lots of love to everyone, thank you for your prayers and love!



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