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Week 49: Pictures of Sophie

So it finally happened.  Yesterday we left around 8:30 am in the morning for Lena in central Louisiana to pick up our fur baby.  It took around 3 hours to get there but it was worth the drive.  So small and fragile, she was even more precious than we could have imagined. When we saw her we knew, just knew, here was part of our family.

The 3 hour trip back she did not know what to think.  Mommy held her almost the whole way.  And when we got home there was a little hesitation but then she began to eat, which was a fantastic sign.  And then she climbed on Mommy:

And Sophie has begun to adapt really, really well.  Yesterday she would follow Mommy around and would sleep by her.  And then when she wanted to play she discovered Daddy and his fingers!  We also had a stuffed little squirrel (Uncle Ernie-inside story about that one) that she loves to play with.  So Daddy is for playing and Mommy is for cuddling.  However she has discovered that Daddy's lap is warm too and Mommy, well she c…

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