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Week 38: For the Love of Animals

So I was looking through some of my old photographs looking for some pictures for a collaboration with another artist and came across this photograph from 2009:

Ginger saw this picture and absolutely loved it.  Sadie, her dog when I met her, loved me.  Which was no small feat.  She wasn't exactly friendly to everyone but she took a liking to me right away.  And if any dog acted like a cat, it was her.   I guess Sadie knew that I had captured Ginger's heart and in turn I captured hers.

So this week's blog is filled with animals.  My next picture is of Abby:

Abby is an energetic puppy at Rebecca's ranch.  And Abby, this week, made my heart swell.  So just a little back story, Rebecca's ranch is where I go most Saturday's to help out.  If there was a job or place I love to work and is my favorite, it is here.  I go there and it just doesn't feel like a job.  We work hard, and many days I live soaked in sweat and have dirt from head to toe.  But there is a sati…

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