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Week 11: Painkiller

So this weeks photo was weeks in the making.  It originally started with the thought of addiction leading to only a few choices, Death, Institutions (including jail), or recovery.  And then I heard Three Days Grace "Painkiller" and the wheels started turning (In my tradition I have included the lyrics below for you to read).    It wasn't until I was up in Iowa that I began to start to flesh out the details and put the lighting diagram in my journal.  
What makes this picture special is that Ginger played a big part in helping to design and organize the details of how everything was put together and laid out.  And it happens to be, once again, one of her favorites.  
So first some disclaimers.  This picture is suppose to be disturbing.  It is meant to start dialog and conversation.  It is made to make you think.  If drugs or alcohol are not your addiction but something else in just substitute that here.  This is meant to talk about addiction regardless of what it is.  The …

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