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Week 36: Destin Florida Beach Vacation

So Ginger and I made the 10 hour trip to Destin Florida and made it in yesterday afternoon.  We went to Walmart to pick up food for breakfast and lunches and vegged out.  It was so calming last night listening to the waves break and the half moon lighting the water.

So this morning I was up early.  Well, a late 7 am for me.  Sure enough I pulled out my camera.  The humidity is very high and I ran into a problem I have not before.  I took my camera outside and the lens fogged up.  Once it acclimated no problem and I was able to shoot off some photos like above.  A fun picture.  And though I had problems with each lens I got it worked out and my phone took some good pictures too!

This was this morning and if I look relaxed I am.....

Ginger woke up and we went down to the beach which is right in the back. And Ginger had no problem with some pictures!  She looked like a mermaid, or as Asia said a bond girl, walking out of the sea!

A very happy wife indeed! So I went searching for sea she…

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