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Week 28: When God Speaks

This picture is from this afternoon.  I remember looking over and inspiration struck.  If you knew what a miracle this shot was.  Not from a technical perspective, but from a health one.  Ginger, for the first time in a long time, got up to go to church this morning.  The past several weeks, the anxiety and depression were to such a point that getting out of bed in the morning was hard.  But this weekend has been a better than last weekend which ended well.  We went to church, came home and walked Sophie, and then Ginger ate lunch and studied.  Truly, in small steps, I am getting my wife back.

She had a rough week, even though there are only 10 days left for her to work.  Just another mark in the road that we feel God is showing us the right decisions to make.  No the anxiety attacks are not fun but it just confirms that when Ginger is sick, work is nearly impossible.  And considering how long she has tried to cope with this, she is a brave girl having gone as far as she has.   Her j…

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