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Week 20: Mom and Dad and Nordic blood

So this past weekend (actually since Thursday), I have been able to have a wonderful visit with my parents.  It is a joyous time, filled with laughter and talks about genetics.  Yep, genetics.  Usually I end up finding out more about why I am the way I am, Dad is fond of saying you have the Peterson gene's!  Dad has done work into our ancestry both on my Mom's side and my Dad's side.  Besides having Indian ancestry and being related to a King of Scotland, I have Swedish and Nordic blood flowing through my veins.  I have always been proud of my Nordic heritage and being Texas born.  And it inspired this picture I put on Facebook this week:

Of course my favorite picture of the week is this one of my Mom and Dad:

And it was good to see my brother, who drove up from Frisco to pick up my parents so they could spend some time with him and his family.  Love my brother to death and so glad that he is doing well.  He has his dream job and I am working at mine outside of photography…

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