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Week 2: Taking off the Mask

So for Week 2 I was able to get alone with my camera a few times.  Having cleaned up and organized my studio, for the most part, I was ready to get in there and try out an idea I have had for a while.  Two hours, and about 90 shots later (thank goodness for digital) trying various ideas I came out with a couple of shots I really liked.  Here is my favorite:

So normally I do not go extensively into the behind the scenes work.  I originally had two flashes going.  One on the side and one in the mask.  I tried that for a while and then using just one flash in the mask I came up with the look I wanted.

What you do not see is that I had the flash being held between my shoulder and neck and my pinkie kind of balancing the flash.  Manual flash is wonderful because I can control the amount of light I want.

Having done that I wanted to try and get some smoke in there.  I have these short incense sticks.  I lit one and tried that and wasn't getting much smoke.  So then I did 3 and mounted t…

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