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Week 30: Sophie looking Cute

What a week it has been!  Actually it has been busy work wise but in a good way.  Being at one job all week helps because you know what you'll be doing.  Of course Friday had to work late to help get a critical part done, but all in a day's work! 

I did get an evaluation.  Actually we were given a sheet to self evaluate and then our boss went over it line by line asking why we put what we did.  Mine was, as always, quite detailed.  After 52 years and reinventing myself 18 years ago, I think I know myself pretty well.  And I remember my Dad saying he did not want to go salary and be a manager.  Like Father, like Son.  There is a reason, I will just say, that I enjoy working independently.  That said, the evaluation, or review, went as expected.  Very professional.  A lot I could of said, but I am learning the art of quietness.  The last review I got at the apartments was very political and peer driven.  Glad to see all that behind me.  But the evaluation was just more confirmat…

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