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Week 37: The Cross, the Bible, and the Dagger

So this weeks picture and blog will probably not win me many awards.  When has that stopped me from writing what is on my mind.

As I like to give the back story to certain pictures I create, this one is no different.  As I was listening to music one night, a new song came cross the queue, a song called Killers with the Cross from a band called Powerwolf.  Catchy song.  The video for the song is about vampires, so I would not suggest watching it if your offended by such things.  But during the course of the video there was this dagger that had a hilt of a cross.  And it got me to thinking.  I originally thought I might do a halloween themed picture of a vampire hunter but then other ideas began coming into my mind (Ginger and both our Mom's are sooo thankful for that I am sure!).  One of the verses in the song talks about hypocrisy and hate. 

More backstory.  My ancestry on my Dad's side comes from Sweden.  I am a proud Texan and a proud Swede.  Vikings have always interested…

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