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Week 46: Christmas picture, Sophie and a discussion on Depression

So there is lots to talk about this week!  Well first of all a preview of Ginger and I's Christmas card.  Ginger was very adamant in how it looked and since I found a pretty picture from Georgetown....

Ginger has been wanting to do picture Christmas cards for a while, so finally it has come to past!

Now if you are on Facebook then you may know that we will soon have a pet of our very own soon.  Meet Sophie:

Minus the bow and pearls she will be ready for us to pick up on December 2nd.  Yes, even yours truly is smitten by this cute little puppy.  Of course it helps that I get to play with Abby and Jewels in Lindale each Saturday!  So we will be heading to Louisiana for a 2 1/2 hour drive to get her.  Ginger (and I, I'm going to admit) are both really excited.   And since she will not get much bigger (I really wanted a small dog), she's going to be a fun addition to our family.  And since Ginger's birthday is today, it was a good present to give her!  Of course her and he…

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