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Week 45: Psychotic Break and Beautifully Broken

When I look at the picture above I am reminded of a song I have been listening to by Plumb this week, Beautifully Broken:

You're beautifully broken
And you can be whole again
Even a million scars
Doesn't change whose you are
You're worthy
Beautifully broken
 So you cannot tell from the picture but Ginger suffers from Bipolar Disorder, anxiety and OCD.  I am a recovering alcoholic/addict who suffers from depression and anxiety.  Ginger is on medication, I am not (I have bad side effects with antidepressents).  And yet we live a very successful, loving and joyful life.  We know who we are in Christ and we know we live in a fallen world.  Life can get hard but it can also be quite joyful.  And regardless of what we suffer from, we are beautifully broken:

Oh, the god who made the stars
Is the god that made your heart
And he's holding you right now
He can heal the broken parts
And make beauty from the scars, the scars
Beautiful scars!
 Ginger and I lean on each other through the hard t…

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