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Week 19: Mother's Day with Grooming and Haircuts

So today is Mother's Day.  So Ginger got a card and flowers from Daddy and Sophie!  Yes, we have a fur baby, who we call our daughter and has to be the cutest dog in the world at least in our biased eyes!  She just got groomed and has been very photogenic:

She has been biting less though she is just as energetic.  That's okay, Daddy like to throw all her toy's till she finds the one she will bring back (this morning it was purse). 

Sophie, however, was not the only one who got groomed.  When I had started growing my hair out for my photo series I had in mind when I would cut it.  My Mom, Ginger's Mom, and Ginger all like my hair short.  Ginger likes it in all it's phases, her favorite is in between (though on the shorter side) but she knows her artistic husband and his quirks.  So without further ado:

 I knew it would make a great Mother's Day gift for my Mom, who loves my hair short.  But it also talks about new beginnings.  I grew my hair out for my photo ser…

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