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Week 8: Whisper in the Dark

So who knew what kind of impact last weeks photo would have.  Of course I believe God did.  I heard words such as powerful and intense. Facebook reception wasn't explosive, compared to a picture of Sophie for example, but those that did comment were kind and supportive.  But when I woke up Tuesday morning I found out just how powerful an image I had created.  I had put the picture on my Flickr account, which is where my fellow creatives gather, and over night my Flickr account blew up.  My picture had been picked up by an admin of Explore and so my picture was featured for that day in the group (Think your picture picked out of a million posted a day).  Basically, that gives you exposure.  A LOT of exposure.  My views sky rocketed, the photo was favorited several times, I was invited to post the picture on some exclusive groups, I won an Monochrome Guru award (my favorite was the black and white which you can go to my Flickr page and see) but more importantly, my message of addic…

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