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Week 2: Contemplating portrait and more shots of Sophie!

Oh my goodness it seems like forever that I have been in the studio!  From vacation photos to holiday photos to new puppy pictures I have definitely been busy.  But my studio is my safe place.  And today I was finally able to get in and start getting equipment out.  Just like riding a bike.  Setting equipment up, making sure flashes work, deciding between hard or soft light.  I think I have just as much fun setting things up as I do when I finally get everything in working order and begin taking pictures.  Of course I had a vision of the picture I wanted to take, another self portrait.  I call it contemplating (I look so serious!):

Ginger likes my hair messy like this.  Kind of a 70's look.  She said I better take pictures of it while it is long because inevitably I get tired of it and cut it short.  As far as the title, contemplating, it is because, well, I have been contemplating the untraveled road I want to take on this next challenge.  I am getting more comfortable with my fl…

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