These are two very precious puppies. They are the odd one's of the litter of ten. All the rest are black. I say odd, but they are so cute and even tempered. I know a little about being odd, of being unique. I don't fit into any kind of norm, just an artist who loves to be himself. Ginger's artist.

Today, I would say that the word for the day that God has given me is contentment. And over the past couple of days I've realized I'm pretty content with my life. I had a discussion today about the Israelites and how when they were delivered out of Egypt, after a while they complained about wanting to go back to Egypt. I related about how I've been there. Boy howdy. I walk with God, He is guiding me, and I think back to when I had things. Life was comfortable. Life was predictable. I conveniently forget that my slave master (Addiction) was a cruel task master. Sure, I had things. I had stuff. I had my own bar stool (Norm on Cheers). I could usually get what I wanted (which was usually a drink) and didn't have to worry about getting provided to by God. If I couldn't provide I found a way I could.

And I forget about the relationships I had that were so dysfunctional. I forget about how I couldn't get up in the morning without having a drink because I'd be shaking so bad. Or how about lying to everyone that I was alright. Yeah, Egypt for me was fun fun fun if I forget all the negative stuff.

Now life is less predictable. And not so comfortable at times. God molds me, and you know that clay that gets molded every which way? If it had a mouth and feelings what do you think it would be saying? HEY THIS IS GETTING A LITTLE PAINFUL HERE! YO! OUCH! THAT HURTS! And yet, I wouldn't trade it for Egypt. I've blogged about those things I'm thankful for, and those things make it worth it, the discomfort I may have to endure at times. Easy, no, worth it, yes. When I lay down at night and look over and listen to the soft sound of Ginger sleeping, so peaceful, so content, I realize that life away from Egypt is a whole lot better. And when I look back (I read some old journal entries in my journal) I realize how much I've been molded. No big head here, I've got a long way to go. Trust me codependency is a witch.

Like the puppies. Look at the picture. So content. So peaceful. God has big arms, a huge lap, and is a willing giver of hugs. I can crawl into His arms and just rest.


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