Walking with God

So I was on my walk yesterday morning and I decided to take my camera. I had my coffee in one hand and my camera in the other. So I'm walking with God, because usually I walk because I need some advise from the Father, and I see this little fella. One of my boys. Yeah, I have a special affection for squirrels. Maybe because I'm a nut. I also have a special affection for cats, which chase squirrels, so go figure. Anyway I'm watching this little guy, and God always has a lesson for me when He stops me or catches my eye with something. This squirrel was no different. Nut in hand, this little one was just eating away. His only concern was the guy with the camera, so he moved up high enough (thank goodness for zoom) where he could watch me and eat in relative peace. God provides. This little squirrel didn't need to worry about where he was going to find the nut (or acorn). In the same way, as I brought my concerns before the Lord, He provided (Matt. 6:25-34). He brought me peace and a comfort to rest in Him. As I consider my concerns and ask God, "Am I where you want me?" I picture Him walking beside me, a smile on His face, just listening. And then in a gentle voice He says, "Trust me, Paul, I value you, I care for you, I love you, just trust me and I will guide you." Such peace in that voice. Such assurance. Giving up one's life is easy sometimes, harder in other times. I mean, I'm just being honest. You see other people with all these nice "things" and you wonder whether your in the right spot. You take your eye off the nice things you have and beginning looking at other things. And so God reminds me of the nice things I have. The beautiful things. In that gentle voice, as we walk, He asks me how valuable having a loving, loyal wife is? She is a treasure beyond worth. A loving set of parents, who pray for me, love me, and encourage me? Again, a treasure beyond worth. My salvation? Eternal life? There is no treasure worth that. The apartment of Ginger and I's dreams? The work I do at Celebrate Recovery? My soberiety? All these things, all of them, God has provided for me. And all of these things, as I walk with God, He continues to provide. So as my heart turns back to gratefulness, God floods it with peace. What was just a simple walk to get with God and get some things off my chest turned into a wonderful lesson. Trust God. You'd think, with what I've gone through I'd never forget that, thank goodness for walks and lessons with God, who will remind me of how good I really have it.

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