So today was a much better day. A friend calls me, out of the blue, and encourages me, thanks me for what I do at Celebrate Recovery. And that is how my morning started. Encouragement. It makes me think of Ginger. Ginger deals with bipolar and anxiety issues. She's rather open about it and her tight group of friends (of which two are admitted bipolar) and her are constantly giving each other support and more than one cry session. I can't profess to know what it is like to be bipolar. But I empathize. And as Ginger and I courted I learned a great deal about her disease. I'd already known some, but I actively sought out information. I went to doctor's visits with her (she goes about once every 9 months). But there are two things that have been, in her words, a great help. The first is the counselor in me (that would be God!). We talk alot, and we talked alot during our courtship. There were many "thorn pulling" sessions we had to get to the root of anxiety she was feeling. Sometimes I'd get a text at 1:00 am, asking if she could call, because there was a problem. I didn't mind. When you love someone you go out of your way, or at least that is what I did. With patience and perseverence we worked through many issues. Sometimes a issue would come back and Ginger would be hesitant to bring it up. But she would. And when she'd start crying (tears of joy) I knew we'd hit on the problem. I'm not this great counselor, there were times I had no idea how to help her. But God would take over my words and I'd get to the heart of the issue.

The second thing that has helped is laughter. I can make Ginger laugh. There are certain types of her anxiety that laughter is the key, and I'm talking big, belly hurting laughter. I'm not talking about jokes, either. I'm a little..um..off the wall. For example, she's feeling bad and will text me to tell her something funny. So I'll say something like: The pink elephants in their black tutus are coming to your work to do a disco dance for you. Like I said, out there. But you'd be surprised at what it does for her. I have the ability to make things come to life. Stuffed animals, etc., Ginger will swear they are real. Call me insane, crazy, but it works for us. But you know what happens? It takes her mind off her anxiety. Suddenly she is in my little carnvial world and life, at least for a little bit, is easier to handle.

I try to be Ginger's biggest encouragement, but there are times that she needs someone else bipolary. That is where Amy, Erica, Jen, and Amanda come in. I could get jealous (I've seen it before in people), but I actually encourage her to call her friends, because sometimes I can't help. God uses us all in her life, and I'm thankful she has them.

American Idol is on tonight, her favorite show. She's making the pizza, and we are getting set to have a night on the couch, eating good, and watching her show. In the mean time I'll be coming up with some stuff to make her laugh..let the carnival rides begin...but there are no clowns, clowns are evil....(if your a clown and your reading this..wait..I don't know any clowns)

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