So today I noticed a new friend. I'd seen roadrunners on the trail to my work, but never had I seen them in the woods. This little fella let me get close enough so that my zoom would capture a pretty decent picture, I was amazed when I got it onto my computer.

So today I was able to start working on the trails I'd started last summer. I'd done alot of the prep work, now I just needed the riding mower, a pair of loppers and a weedeater. I knew I shouldn't have worn shorts today...

The trees, to me are like a canvas, and I'm able to create the trails as I see fit. Now that I work alone out in the woods I'm able to get creative. I took lots of pictures today, though the elusive blue jay and cardinal were camera shy. I'll be patient...


  1. LOVE the roadrunner shot! And, can't wait to see your creation in the woods! =)


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