Good Times at Coyote Sam's

So last night was dinner. Didn't quite go as planned! Ginger and I decided that we'd go to Coyote Sam's because one of our good friends, Mike Gonzalez, was playing music there. We both love live music and Mike played music at our wedding. Mike is a fellow Christian but plays all types of music. I like that. There is beauty in music, regardless of the label.

Well, about 4:15 pm one of my best friends calls, and we decide that we'll all meet up there. Josh and Allie have 4 beautiful children. I'm uncle pauly, and ginger is auntie ginger. I was adopted into this family a couple of years ago and Ginger was adopted in when we got married. When we all get together it is a riot. There are no masks on, there is no topic that is sacred, and we can be ourselves and just have a good time. Do you have friends like that? I earned there trust when I was at a ministry and everyone kept leaving as soon as they got close to the children. I'll never forget Josh pulling me to the side and asking, Paul, my children are getting close to you, are you going to leave too? Well, I didn't. And in the process developed a lifelong friend. Those are rare. After all, they taught me more about God than any theological book or speaker ever could. From little Josh I learned how to pray. He'd just pray simple, talking to God as if He stood right there. Such innocence. From Kaitlyn I learned how to worship, free and not caring what others might think if I raised my hands. I learned to sing to God, not man. From little Isaac I learned something really profound. One day he crawled up in my arms and laid his head on my shoulder. Isaac, are you tired? No, he said, just content. How much does God just want us to crawl into His lap, lay our head on his shoulder and just be content? From Elijiah, the newest member of the Williams clan, well, I learned how much love can bring someone back from the brink of death. When he was born he almost didn't make it. I was the first person called by Josh when he was born, telling me to get to the hospital. I don't think I'd ever heard Josh cry before. You have to understand Josh, 6'4" about 350 lbs. A big man. I was working, told my boss I had to go, and got to the hospital right before they took little Elijiah to Dallas to the Children's Hospital. Lot's of prayers went up, lot's of hugs, lots of love, and we all got closer. How is little Elijiah today? Healthy as can be.

So there are 8 of us at the outside table's. The kids are being, well, kids. Little Josh fawns over Ginger. Kaitlyn tells me a knock knock joke (knock knock, who's there, KGB, KGB who? slap in the face (not hard), we will ask the questions (in german accent, which I speak a little of)!).
I have my camera and I'm taking pictures. I love photography. I can't afford a DSLR, but I have a nice digital point and shoot Canon I just got, and I'm taking candid shots, planned shots, I'm an artist after all! Then Allie, the sly one, as I'm distracted (I think it was planned) get's the check and pays for the meal. She is like that. She is like a sister to me and I'm like a brother.

The music was great, as always, and Ginger got to hear the banana pancake song! She loves acoustic guitar. I do to, but I once was and still am an electric guitar person. I'm a lil rebel, I grew up with 80's metal hair bands and still rock out now and again. My Mom and Dad hated that music...but then again their parents hated their music too! Ginger can't stand metal, so I listen to it in my car to and from work at times if I need a fix!

All in all it was a wonderful night. Ginger and I got home, content, happy, and even got a little alone time for ourselves. Life is good and God is so good to us. This morning I got up and went to water the plants. And they are flourishing. Funny what a little watering and a little TLC will do. Our lives are like that. If we go to the Living Water, He waters us. And He puts people in our path to give us a little TLC. Like I said, life is good.


  1. Life IS good. =) When we become like the children...


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