Need a Lemonade?

Okay so for the past couple of days I've had some pretty deep topics. I'm not always so serious, in fact, I'm pretty much a clown sometimes. Not a clown, I still think their evil, but chalk that up to a clown lamp I had as a kid that I had nightmares about, it would be at the foot of my bed and talk to me. Yeah, traumatic. I slept with the covers over my head till we got rid of it. Now that was a joyuous day.

So today I'm working on the land. I caretake 20 acres of land, of which 3 acres is cleared. This is if I'm not remodeling, painting, helping install air conditioners, etc. Anyway, my pal for today was Luke. Luke is a full blooded lab. Black, sleek, and my buddy. He is my boss's dog, but when I'm there, Luke follows me around. Today I'm sweating, working, and there is Luke, in the shade, tongue hanging out, just watching. "Need a lemonade?" I ask? He gets up, comes over, nudges my leg for me to pet him. Now isn't this the life, I thought. I give him fresh water, food, and you can forget about him staying in the backyard. When he sees me, he jumps the fence, and there he is, nudging, wanting to be petted.

If I'm on the mower, he follows. I think he's looking for squirrels, or more shade, I keep cutting down trees and brush. He is not, however, useless. If anyone comes on the land, he barks. If any critters are nearby, he alerts me (like snakes). It may seem he is doing nothing, but in reality he has my back. So naturally, this makes me think of God. Sometimes we don't think God is doing anything. We wonder, where are you? We read His Word, even pray, but God are you just sitting up there watching me? Need a lemonade? And then in those moments He comes over and hugs us. He nutures us. He speaks to us, and warns us if we are on a shady path or about a path we are not on but he sees danger on. Like the 3 foot copperhead that was above my head one day, in the chicken coop that I was cleaning out. Sometimes we don't think to look around, but God is all around, and knows even before we take a step.

So I'll happily have Luke sit in the shade and watch me, he may take a break to go jump in the creek to cool off, but he is ever watchful. Because God is there watching me, he just has a dog named Luke he is using. Would it surprise any of you that I'm craving lemonade now...

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