Chasing Cardinals

Yesterday I was able to catch this shot of a cardinal. He was very elusive (thank goodness for a good zoom on my camera). They were chasing their female counterparts, singing their love songs, and as I looked specifically for them, they kept an eye on me! Funny, they seem to not have a care in the world, just singing and chasing away! I'm in a much better place spiritually today. Last night Ginger and I had a little devotion and just talked, about God, about life, about our love. We are really good at share time. When we first met we'd talk for hours about everything. We got to know each other. We learned each other's strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and our goals. Just like the cardinals yesterday, I chased Ginger (and she chased me!), I sang her offkey love songs that was music to her ears. To this day I still chase my wife. I still sing her love songs (same off key voice), I do little dances in front of the TV making her smile (more more she'll say!). I do it out of love, it just seems natural, like the cardinal. Our devotion allowed us to reconnect again and we always feel so much closer when we invite God to be with us, when we put Him first. Of course, it started with me and my walk, putting God first in my life. Dad gum Israelites, I'm so much like them at times...And as I related all the lessons God taught me to her, she had her own insight as well. The funny thing is, she prayed that I would Walk with God yesterday. And the title of my post yesterday unknown to her, Walking with God. She told me, I just figured it was a little prayer, would it get to God? Oh yes, it got to God and He answered her prayer literally. To have a wife that prays for you, well, a treasure beyond worth...And to have a God who answers prayer...priceless.


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