Your Worth It

I got blessed today. It was one of those moments that I was actually looking to bless someone. I have a friend who, for the longest time before I work where I currently am now, I mowed her lawn faithfully. Another one of those people who knew my past and chose to see and accept the changes I'd made in my life, and who encouraged me. She never knew the old me. She is an encouragement to me. Like a grandmother to me, she is a widow who lost her fire fighter husband to a car accident. But she didn't let that destroy her. She had every right to, according to the world. But instead she relied heavily on God and serving in ministry. Self reliant and a fighter, she is, however, cautious of humankind. She has been burned before and so she feels you out. But when your in, your in. I'm in. If something comes up she needs help with (her husband did everything handy work wise) I'm on her short list of people to call. You know your in when she allows you to come in her house, or work there while she is away. When you are trusted it is a warm fuzzy feeling. I like warm fuzzy feelings. So when she calls, and it's not for anything minimal, I find myself making time and going out to help her. By the way, she was invited to Ginger and I's wedding, that is how much she means to us.

So last week I get a call that her gutter's are clogged. So I went by and her gutter guards were all messed up. So I scheduled to come out today and fix her problem. A trip to Lowe's and I was set and in about 3 hours time I had her set up, gutter's fixed, and a happy friend. She asked how much and I asked for the price of the gutter guards and gas money to Lindale. You have to know her. She smiles, listens and writes a check. Sure enough it's way more than I asked for. I tell her, look I just like helping you, you don't have to pay me extra. She smiled and said, "You know I never give you what you ask for, your worth it Paul. Take your wife out to eat, bless her, that will bless me." Your worth it. That kept playing in my head. I don't make alot of money, I use too, but not anymore, and I'm okay with that. For me it's not about the money, what I do. I have a mansion waiting for me one day, a place at the foot of the Savior that is ready for me. My bills are paid and Ginger and I are happy. I use my talents, my gifts, not for the almighty dollar, but to help. Whether it's volunteering at Celebrate Recovery, fixing gutters, or making my wife smile (she loves having a handy man husband), life is good when I hear things like "Your worth it." She didn't need to pay me extra to prove that point, but Ginger and I will be going out to eat tonight on Virginia. And she wouldn't have it any other way....

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