Working Boots

When I got home Ginger was on the phone with my Mom (by the way, I love that).  I was in the process of taking pictures of all the paint on my feet (I'll explain in a minute) and my Mom tells Ginger I don't want to see your feet, take a picture of your shoes.  That was a novel idea.  My work boots.  I've never just taken time to look at them and realize they are a representation of my work and how hard I work at my job.  Paint, drywall mud, dirt, you name it it's probably on them.  They are comfortable and worn.  Funny, I take a picture of my Bible yesterday, worn and comfortable, and see my boots and the history they have with my work.

The paint on the feet.  Well I had to paint a ceiling of an apartment today.  I put plastic down to cover the carpet.  And then I used a trick that someone taught me.  So I wouldn't get paint on the bottom of my boots and track paint outside or even on the tile parts of the room, you take your shoes off (and I do my socks) and you can run around all over the plastic.  Should you need to leave, you can put your socks on and boots, and the only thing that gets paint on it is your feet and even socks.  The paint cleans off nicely and no tracking of paint. 

I had no idea when I got home what I'd take a picture of and my Mom helped provide the inspiration.  Which opened up a new avenue in my Project 365, inspiration from others.  And so the journey continues.....


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