Necklace with a Message

Today's photograph came to me as I was at work painting.  I have one necklace and it is one with a message, both inside and out. 

Ginger's mom had found some jewelry that was her's and brought it with her one day when we went out to eat.  This particular piece was in that collection and I just seemed drawn to it.  I asked Ginger if I could wear it, though I had to change it to a black loop instead of a girly loop!  There was a story about the necklace, it was given to Ginger by her parents during a particularly hard time in Ginger's life.  When you open up the necklace there is a spot to wrap a piece of paper around a little rod.  On that particular piece of paper Ginger had written the verse Isaiah 40:31.  This just so happens to be my favorite verse.  Who knew so many years before she'd write the favorite verse of her husband to be.  That original piece of paper is still there and though it is very fragile, if you are careful you can unwrap it and read the verse.  That verse has helped us both through many trials. 

So now I keep it on me most of the time.  And inevitably someone will ask me what the alpha/omega means or how unusual the necklace is.  It has been a great piece to share about God and what God has done in not only my life but Ginger's as well.  It is a piece of Ginger's past that I like to think foretold the union that God would forge together from two very different lives.  Waiting upon God.  What a blessed life indeed.


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