Azaela's are blooming!!!!

So I pulled up from work today into the drive and I noticed this pretty little flower.  It's amazing.  After the wonderful rain we had, perfect timing I might add, the flowers are starting to come out of their buds.  Last year only one bloomed, now all six are blooming!  It was a perfect chance for me to take a pic. 

And not only that but I opened up a window to let some fresh air into the apartment.  I can hear the birds singing as I write this.  I have no music on, no TV, just nature and, well, a computer, but I have to post the pic right! 

I decided to get a book, Digital Photograph Essentials by Tom Ang.  So far I'm loving his approach to photography.  There are tutorials even, but on it's own it's a wonderful start to enrich my skill.  I've been impressed with Mr. Ang's work which led me to the book, and he just seems to have an approach of having fun.  And I am.  I'm noticing more and more the wonderful creations that God has given us, sometimes we just need to stop, take a look (or listen) and admire.  Yes, even photography can be an adventure into the spiritual, you just have to look.



  1. Beautiful! We enjoyed a trip thru the azalea district, too!


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