Boots and Ballet

So I'm at work and this idea comes to me. Seems out of place doesn't it, ballet slippers and my paint boots.  I affectionately call Ginger my lil dancer.  She has a background in dance, ballet, dance, drill team, and zumba, Ginger has been dancing most of her life.  The slippers say to me elegance and beauty.  I am Ginger's lil painter.   And if you look at Ginger and I, an elegant dancer and me, well, a lil painter, and from the outside you may think, really?    She didn't take one look at those old boots and throw them away, she decided to look further, and trust God, and now what we have is amazing.  So here you go Boots and Ballet.  The heart with the shoe laces was a last minute addition as well as the seemingly subtle way the boots are hugging the slippers.  Sometimes composition just happens, God gets the credit.


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