Dragon Leaf

So I had to do a little cropping for this leaf because of how small it was.  Put it this way, this is the detail you would see if I printed the whole picture as 20x24.  Here is the resized image of the whole photo:

Incredible detail.  So how this photo came about.  I was taking a break on the balcony of the apartment I was painting and was looking around wondering about a photo.  I'd missed one opportunity early with something, so I was just in my artists mind.  And as I was wondering this little fella comes floating down and lands beside me.  Took one look, it was a cool looking leaf, and since I had my camera in the apartment with me I practically ran to get my camera.  I had to stand on my little step ladder to get the above shot I wanted.  And to me, well, it looks like a dragon and since I like dragons, well, it was a no brainer.  So this is my shot for today.


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