Chainsaws and Computers

 So as I write this I'm pretty exhausted.  Work today at the dirt pit (where I help a friend out in clearing brush, cutting up trees, etc.) was quite intensive.  But let me start with yesterday.  Last night, as the first photo below, had me working on a computer.  I'd found a computer at work and wanted to see if it was any good.  The CD ROM had stuff in it (paper and pen parts) and the mouse was quirky.  But I love tinkering.  And since I've been eyeing getting a new computer to allow picture editing, it might help.  Alas not.  The monitor is on it's last leg and though I got the CD ROM working, it was sketchy.  The hard drive is only 40GB, which is small when you consider a RAW file (photography) is about 24.5 MB.  In the end, it'd cost more to fix this or I could go get a new computer with less of the hassle.  I had to try, and as Ginger said, you love doing this stuff!
 So today, I worked on cutting big trees up to get fence post material.  It was cloudy this morning but the sun was beaming this afternoon.  I have the sun tan to prove it!  But I made alot of head way and hey, getting paid doesn't hurt either!  So I saw my tools laying there and thought, this would make a great shot!   And I do love the shot.  I couldn't see how well it came out till I got the file on the computer.  The loper's shown, a $20.00 tool I've had for a few years have more than paid for themselves in spades.  The gloves are very important and of course the ear covers.  The chainsaw itself, well I can make it purr, but I have to watch myself from going too fast. I love working for my friend, we like to have a good time and he knows he can leave me at a job and it'll get done. 

So as you can see I've been busy.  But Project 365 continues, and we'll be having some ice cream soon....And today my grandma turned 87!  We'll have some ice cream for grandma.....God is good!


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