Birthday Pie

Today I turned 44.  The picture I have here is of my favorite pie, my birthday pie.  It's known as a pink lemonade pie, a green bean pie, a grasshopper pie, but I call it delicious.  For as long as I can remember I've had this pie for my birthday instead of birthday cake.  I love it.  My Mom use to make them for me and then Ginger took the mantel and began making them for me.  Some of you may get a chuckle at the big votive candle in the middle.  Ginger was going to get 44 candles and put them on the pie but logisitics, possible burns, wax, and a smoke detector going off dictated using a big votive.  Another tradition added? 

I have to say that my Mom gave me perhaps one of the greatest compliments a novice photographer could get.  She stated: "I love your still photographs like the boots and your necklace..something about how powerful the images come across."  Mom, your the best.  You are such an encourager.  Thank you so much.  I come from a family of artists, that is for sure!


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