A Family of Apples

Went over to Ginger's Mom and Dad's for a birthday dinner tonight.  When I walked in this was part of the center piece on the table and I knew it was the picture for today.  I took a picture of the table, the fireplace, even of the beautiful moon tonight, but this one just stands out to me with it's simplicity.  I could go many places with apples, Ginger is the apple of my eye for instance.  But if you notice there are six apples and there were six of us at the table tonight and all of us are apples to each others eye.  Ginger and I being the youngest I'd say we are the green apples, surrounded by the red apples, red for the love that everyone around us tonight has for us.  We truly are loved and are truly blessed.  Even had a bonding moment with Dad at Orange Leaf, he had a BIG bowl of ice cream and I was with him in support of the big bowl.  There was lots of laughter tonight, good food (I had steak!!!!), and, well, just being around the one's we love.  Contentment.



  1. Gorgeous "apple" capture! Very vivid! And your apple tale is the best! Keep um coming, cause we're loving it!


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