Pixie the Faerie Dragon

Meet Pixie.  Yes, the name game is over, and Ginger actually picked her name out (Yes, you didn't think I'd pick anyone's name over my wife's did you....). 

This was actually quite a complicated shot.  Our lil dragon is on a dark mirror (for the reflection), and the room is lit up in a blue light which makes the green and wings glow.  Light from the other room has caught on one of the wings to make it glow in the reflection.  No flash was used so I could get the ambience (I'm HUGE on this).  I had to use my fastest glass (lens), handheld, which is rather tricky.  But with the shallow depth of field everything blurred in the mirror nicely. 

So almost a month, have I learned anything?  My goodness yes.  From composition, to the limits and strengths of the lens I have, and how the triangle of ISO, aperture and shutter speed work together, I'm learning daily.  I'm also learning something else.  Not to panic when I don't have a picture when I get home from work.  I'm finding that simple things can be quite amazing photographed.  And my creativity can shine through.  I'm also learning about which lens I want to get next, which will be expensive, but gives me something to save for.  And I have to say I feel God lead me in my pictures.  Sound crazy?  Nah, God is everywhere, you just have to stop once in a while and take it all in.


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