Season's of change

I wanted to get a picture of our studio with the light shining in.  Depending on the time of day is where the light shines in and I had to take a few shots, adjusting the exposure to get the picture I wanted.  I'd reorganized one of my shelves to include an area for my growing photography collection of magazines and such.  As well it was time to purge some things out since the season in Ginger and I's life was changing.   We are getting more comfortable in our season of rest and even took off last weekend for a night in Dallas.  Just a time where we could be on the 23rd floor of a hotel and just enjoy being away for a while.  This weekend we were back in our routine and date night last night saw us watching the DVD Midnight in Paris.  We loved it, even me. 

Our studio is a place of quiet where we can sit and read, I can draw or play with my camera.  I love how the light floods in, there is such peace and calm there.  I'm able to reflect and meditate on God and what He has for me.  We have a good life, or as my Mom said, a blessed life well lived (the idea she got behind the boots and Bible photograph). 

I've done more research on Project 365's and realize that it is something many seasoned photographers recommend to newbies such as me.  Some do self portrait 365.  Others landscape.  I've apparently chosen the harder of them all, an open 365.  Now that's ironic.  But I'm loving it.  It is amazing how much more focused you become as you look and get inspired.  I realize I'm only 6 days in but already I see patterns and new insights into the photographs.  And I realize something else, everyone see's something different.  I love that.

Well, it's time to make chicken burrito's and curl up on the couch with the one I love.  Life is good, God is good, such a blessing this life is.


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