Paint and Pies

So today I was at work and had a moment to try to take some pics.  I originally wanted to do a self portrait (and actually got a pic Ginger liked) but I wasn't happy with how things were turning out.  And then I looked down and this shot just screamed TAKE ME!   There is just something simplistic about it (and yes Tanna, Purdy brush!).  It is orderly in one sense and messy in the next.  I took it in one shot and knew I had my shot and it is one of my favorites. 

Now we have another.  I just had to take this shot.  Ginger made me a pie for my birthday.  I pulled it out to have a piece after dinner.  This is what I saw.  Ginger standing next to me smiled mischievously and said, I was a little hungry after work.  She LOVES the crust.  Then we had a discussion about crust.  I think crust is the sides, where she ate.  She informed me that on the bottom and the sides is the crust.  She just likes the crust.  So I got my piece and she proceeded to turn the rest of the pie over and get the rest of the crust.  I love my life! 


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