A Week in Review

 So this week has been a rather busy week.  So I decided I'd bundle all the pictures into a week in review blog.  All of them are quite different, and yet they have some type of significance in our everyday life.  The first picture is of our quaint bathroom sink.  It's funny, I love the antique feel of it (of the whole apartment actually).  The picture caught my eye because it was lit by our night light in the bathroom.

The second picture is of a TV I found in an apartment and the PS2 that someone gave me.  As you'll see in the day 4 picture, I'm able to play some of my favorite series of games now, the Final Fantasy series.  This is good when Ginger goes on vacation I can spend some time in the studio playing games and keeping occupied.

Day 3.  This picture was cool to me because of this reason.  This flower is open in the morning in the shade.  When the sun comes out and beams on it the flower closes up.  I'm fascinated by simple things.

Day 4, already explained, except one disk is scratched so I'm trying to fix it.

Day 5, we had storms in the area in Longview.  So I took a shot of the coming storm.  I'm needing more practice in getting the ominous looking clouds to show.

Day 6, Saturday, Ginger's Mom got her some brand new shoes!  Zumba shoes and Walking Shoes.  The Zumba shoes, the blue, are so light weight, just had to take a picture of them.

Day 7, this is just a picture to show that because of how nice it is outside we have the door open to let the cool air in.  Won't be long that the heat of summer will be here so you have to enjoy it while you can.

Aside from photography, Ginger and I are doing very well.  Ginger is enjoying Scrabble with my Dad (she says to bring it, and he does!) on her iphone.   I had fun yesterday clearing brush for a friend of mine, Rogan.  He calls me a human bulldozer.   And Rebecca brought over homeade apple pie for us.  I'm telling you it was wonderful!  Of course today I'm paying for it, I'm very sore, but hey, he got the view down to the lake he wanted!  God is so good to us, I'm amazed everyday at His goodness.  Time for another week a work.  Enjoy the pictures everyone!



  1. You are keeping us wondering what your subject will be next! Great captures & hard to pick a favorite. The lighting in the 1st, 2nd & last add a feeling of "being there"! What a beautiful flower & I do love the new shoes!

  2. I'm just getting caught up... great photos... and wonderful stories of your life, Paul... I'll be sayin' some prayers for your fun during vacation time. blessings ~ tanna


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