Storms, mushrooms, and open windows

Who knew that this pic would be of things to come Tuesday!  Yes, it's been a couple of days since I've blogged but I've been taking my pictures faithfully!  This pic was taken Tuesday morning.  We had storms coming.  During the day I heard about the Dallas tornadoes and we knew that the system was heading our way.  Even my Mom was texting me asking if I was okay.  I was more worried about my brother in Keller.  Well, on my way home storms were firing off all around me.  But not a drop of rain or lightning anywhere near my path on the way home.  I was listening to my weather band and heard of the storm approaching Tyler.  I had 30 minutes till it hit.  No lie, I got home, got my gear in, and as I was walking up the steps the bottom dropped out.  For the next 5 hours we were barraged with heavy rain, wind, a little hail, lots of thunder and lightning, but in the end, we were unscathed.  When the hail hit, Ginger was working out, and they got no hail, so her car was safe.  Mine, well, it's a work car, wasn't as worried about that, but no damage.

This pic, the next day, is of a limb on a car where I work.  It is, as far as I could tell, the only tree limb that came down.  Longview was hit pretty hard too.

The next day, yesterday, was sunny and beautiful.  We have some mushrooms growing where I work and I really liked this shot.  My boss was wondering was I was squatting in the shade by the dumpsters...I had to come clean....

And for today, an open window.  It is beautiful and cool outside.  I hear the neighbor's kids outside, and it is just a pleasant day, especially since I got the day off!  It's been nice to just, well, not do much of anything.  I'll do my chores tomorrow.  For today, it was just a time to relax and enjoy the weather.

God is good....


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