Colorful shoes, people, and a work of art

Though I didn't blog yesterday I have the pictures from yesterday and today here.  For yesterday I took my camera to work for our Spring Fling Outreach at the apartment I work at.  Here you go:

This is our lead maintenance and the Converse shoes he was sporting.  Yeah, your seeing that right, two different color of shoes!

And here I am with the "easter bunny" and "uncle sam".  Yes, I decided to come colorful too! 

It was a wonderful time at work, being able to serve the residents, and have some fun with Ginger, who finally got to meet everyone I work with, and be able to take some pictures.

Now, for the pictures for today....

This is the house that my Dad built for me.  A joint effort, the only part I played was the idea.  From there my Dad went into a creative zone that culminated into this house.  And I just discovered today I can open up the back of it where the light is at!  And it fits perfectly, and I mean perfectly on our mantle!  It is an amazing piece of work that the pictures don't do just!  It is a work of art, and it is and will be a one of a kind!

It has been a busy weekend, with work, and spending time with Ginger.  Ginger worked today for a little bit so I got to do a little house cleaning.  It's about teamwork.  We are a team and help each other, even with cleaning! 

I love my wife, I love my family, and I love my God!  It is amazing this blessed life I am a part of ....


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