He is Risen!

 Okay the picture for yesterday.  Not exactly a prize winning shot, but not looking for that really, this is real life.  And this is our computer work station.  Those who know us will see a new addition there....
 Now for today, Easter, well it was a good day.  Church service was absolutely fantastic, about the resurrection.  It was good to reflect on what Jesus did on the cross for us and how He defeated the grave. 

We spent a wonderful afternoon at Ginger's parent's house.  The picture above is the homeade banana pudding that Ginger's Mom made, yum!  It was an afternoon filled with laughter.

And then tonight I was able to have a wonderful conversation with my parents.  More laughter!  Had to put a picture of the house my Dad made up again.  Look at how absolutely perfect it fits. Not only depth wise, but height wise as well.  And now it has it's perfect place on our mantel.  As well, Ginger is now playing Scrabble with my Mom!!!!  This is soooo cool.....


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