Erasers and such

Well, I have 4 days of pictures to share with ya'll today.  I'll post them then give you explanations at the bottom:

The first two pictures were taken in our studio.  I have a blue light that permeates the room at night with a beautiful, almost black light type feel.  It makes bright colors and whites glow.  I have a strange fascination with colorful erasers of late, all found in various apartments I work in.  So it gave me a wonderful photo opportunity to line them up like soldiers.  The second pictures, taken in the same room, are of different shapes I use for drawing purposes.  But the way they glowed, well, it just screamed to me to take a picture of them.  With both pictures, taken on different days, I wanted to see how well my camera handled the blue light of the room.  Think it did it quite well.

The third picture, taken yesterday, was of a parakeet that our maintenance lead saw outside while I was on lunch (he has since made sure to be out of my pictures, lest I blog them....heehee).  Blue and white, we were quite amazed.  Taken with one of my kit lenses, I didn't have my powerful zoom lenses with me, it still captured this little bird out of it's usual element.

Today's picture is of my reading material of late.  Ginger is amazed that I can take a manual, the Windows 7 book, and read it, and actually enjoy it.  Actually, the photography book is a type of manual to, and yes I love to read them.  She asks jokingly if I remember what I read, to which I certainly do, but I also take notes.  The drawing magazine and photography magazine, well, a little light reading to relax!  As far as Windows 7, since I skipped Windows Vista entirely, I figured I'd get up to speed this way.  I've learned some pretty nifty tricks, but because of my computer background I've been able to get up to speed really quick.

Tonight is date night, YEAHHHH!!!!!!  Just my and my beautiful wife, some good mexican food and a good movie or documentary.  Simple, well maybe, but it's the simple things that are the most enjoyable.  Stop and smell the roses sometimes because in this fast paced world where everyone wants everything faster and right now, sometimes it's better to just sit back and enjoy life a little bit.


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