First RAW File in Photography!

That title oughta get some attention.  No, this isn't a reality TV spinoff, wild photos of police chases and such.  RAW is actually a file format that DSLR camera's use.  It is used to get the most detail out of your photograph, you need special software, and you can literally customize just about anything.  It doesn't take the place of good composition, but it can make colors stand out more and you can fix exposure, etc.  So this is my first RAW photo and using Photoshop Elements 10, I was able to open it and make some adjustments.  I just kept staring at the screen and going Cooooool.  This particular shot is taken from my balcony to my neighbor's herb garden.  I was out on the balcony looking for a shot (I had aspirations of taking severe weather shots today but thankfully for DeeDee who hates thunder, it did not materialize) looked down and went, yep, that's it.  Just happens that way sometimes.  By the way, I'm thankful the bad weather didn't hit, it was nasty further north in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa, so pray for those affected.


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