Week 43: My Lovely Wife

So this week I had a cold.  In fact, Ginger ended up getting it as well.  Around Friday we both began to feel much better.  But as Sunday came I still did not have a photograph for my challenge.  I didn't panic.  Actually, I decided to clean my studio this afternoon and then Ginger decided to go for a walk and me with her.  Wouldn't you know it, there was my photo opportunity.  Taking my camera with me I took a shot of her and then of us.  The one of us, I was out of focus but the one of her was nothing short of amazing.  Once I put it through Photoshop and made a few adjustments, Ginger herself loved the picture. 

She wanted me to use the Dragan effect on her.  I didn't do it as extreme as I do the portraits of me, but I did a touch of it, and she loved it.  The out of focus background, called bokeh, helped the picture out completely.  This is one of my favorite pictures of my lovely wife!  Makes me glad I didn't have a picture ready for Sunday!

So I have been doing a little research.  It is funny,really, my wife loves to travel.  For me, there has always been a certain level of anxiety when traveling.  Once I am at the destination, usually there is not a problem.  Well, there is a word for it, Hodophobia, fear of travelling.  It's the airport, the lines, the reservations, the travel to the destination and the anxiety of what could go wrong.  For me, having a name for it has brought a certain level of relief, because it has a name.  Ginger has always been a calming force when I travel.  Now, if I am driving, I have less anxiety because I have a semblance of control.  You would think I would love to travel because of the opportunities to take pictures.  Knowing what it is, I know Ginger, and others close to me, can and will help me.  Of course this December Ginger and I are going to Colorado, and believe it or not, I am looking forward to that trip!  What brought this on enlightenment on?  We were talking about making reservations for a rental car and I felt my anxiety begin to climb.  I was curious as to why so I began doing some self evaluation and internet searching.   Of course my fear of clowns will not be so easily resolved.....



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