Low Light Photography #VantagePoint Project

 Hello my family and friends!

So last Friday I learned about the #VantagePoint project that a new camera technology company called Light just launched.  Light is creating a compact camera, the L16,  that uses multiple lens to shoot a photograph and then, through computation, create a 52 megapixel image.  That is a DSLR quality image!  You can check it out yourself by clicking one of the links above or this link:   https://light.co/camera to see the camera yourself.   For a piece of equipment that is using 16 different sensors that will fit in the palm of your hand without bulky lens, it is intriguing indeed!  But what peaked my interest about their camera the most was it's low light performance, which is of utmost importance to me.  And that brings me to my image for the #VantagePoint project.

Asked to post a favorite photo in a favored place, this photograph came to mind. 

Horse Barn Lindale, Texas

This shot was taken in Lindale, Texas at Rebecca's Ranch.  It is the type of shot I dreamed about taking when I began searching for a new camera to replace my old Rebel.  The Canon 5d Mark III I bought did not disappoint me.  I bought the camera, after researching exhaustively, for it's ability to shoot in low light.  So for this shot I was able to put my camera on a post, Gretchen the horse to the left miraculously moved out of the way, and I was able to take the shot at an astonishing ISO 400!  I had a fast lens (for me anyway!), a 50mm f1.8 (nifty fifty).  The detail, for me, was amazing.  The camera captured the mood I was after with a quality I was quite happy with.

Mood and ambience is very important to me.  Things such as being in candle light or under street lights.  So I should be able to take shots like this with the new L16.  To be able to take shots like this while controlling depth of field, without a tripod and handheld would be fantastic!

So why pick this shot?  I have been going out and working on Rebecca's Ranch on weekends for several years.  In fact, underneath the stairs, now, is a chicken coop!  The land holds a special place in my heart not only because of the precious soul that Rebecca is, but I proposed to my wife in her cabin! This shot was taken this year when Ginger and I were cabin sitting her land!  It is a place that I can go to and feel peace, where I can strengthen my faith,  and where the weight of the world is left on the outside of the road coming in.  I have been taking pictures on the land for years.  I started with simple compact cameras and through the years now have my pro quality camera.  The land, and Rebecca, have seen my artistic talent grow from simple pictures to much more complex.  When I feel I am losing inspiration in my photography it is here that I can come to rekindle it, a vantage point if you will.  A vantage is a place or position affording a good view of something. For me, this place is my vantage point, a place where I can get a good creative view for my artistic eye.  Everyone, I believe, needs this kind of place.  For me, this is my vantage point.


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