Week 42: Blue Fire Dragon

So Monday, with Ginger at Zumba, I pulled out the camera equipment to take some more pictures.  Here is a picture of the setup, without the camera (which was in my hand):

Two flashes, wireless transmitters, reflector, remote release and tripod.  Our hallway is perfect because I can darken the background in the day time.  So the shot from Monday was this one:

And then I used a shot I had taken of some fire:

To create this shot:

So Ginger walked in from Zumba, took one look at the picture and asked:  "Why do you look so mad?"  We have been rolling in laughter all week over her saying that.  And by the way, no particular reason, was looking for a wizardly look conjuring up fire! 

So I decided, for Ginger, to create some more shots that didn't look so....serious!  I also wanted to manipulate the flames to look like a dragon of sorts.   Once I had created the dragon from the fire above, I made it blue (Ginger's idea!).  I created two files, one with glowing eyes, one without:

Glowing Eyes

Regular Eyes

This particular shot was Ginger's favorite (She likes me smiling not scowling!)!  I changed the colors from green to purple to blue, with blue being her favorite.  It is fun to work on a project during the week and see how it transforms from an idea to an actual picture. 

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who gave me an encouraging word about last weeks picture.  That picture, of all I have taken during this year's weekly challenges, is probably my favorite.  What matters to me, more than how many views I get or people that follow the blog, is when my artwork touches people.  I put a piece of me into each work I do and for that to be recognized means the world.  So thank you all! 


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