Week 44: Pumpkin Spider and Spiders

So Halloween is tomorrow.  It is a tradition, with Ginger and I, to go to her parent's house to pass out candy and walk around the neighborhood and look at the decorations.  It is also tradition for me to carve a pumpkin.  Ginger has a favorite, a spider and it's web, that I have done for several years now.

We went to Pier 1 Imports today after church and I picked up some Glimmer Strings.  I was going to use them for our Christmas lantern decorations.  But after carving the pumpkin I thought how could I use the lights, without getting pumpkin all over the lights.  Easily solved, I put a glass inside the pumpkin and put the lights in the pumpkin.  I already have a remote for the lights so I am able to make the lights flicker.  So the pumpkin will not be dried out as quickly as with a candle flame inside.  Ginger absolutely loves it.

So on the theme of spiders (Warning Mom, spider pictures ahead.....), this week I was in Van, Texas working.  I noticed this critter when I was walking to my car.  Hard not to notice a spider that is almost 2 inches from front to back.  It is known as a Wolf Spider.  They are non aggressive, however, since this one had it's egg sac on it's back, I did not want to make any sudden moves to scare it (or have it charge me).  It was nice enough to stay still while I got my camera.

You can see the egg sac on the back.  The next shot was a little bit more challenging.  I had to get eye level, which meant getting on the ground and getting as close as I could (which meant moving slowly), which means I was about a foot from the spider....  I don't know what I would have done if it would have charged me, thankfully it didn't.

The good news is, getting so close gave me a really good shot of it's eyes, and there are a lot of eyes!  If it was up to Ginger I would work for National Geographic!  This was a fun shot to take.  This is why I take my camera with me just about everywhere because of opportunities like this!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!  Enjoy the pictures and have a good week!


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