Week 28: Sophie Looking Cute

So here is our little girl looking all cute.  She was sitting this way when I was cooking yesterday.  I had to move slowly to get the picture before she moved (and to show Ginger).  Ginger looooves this picture (in fact she insisted it go on the blog, yes, my creative director!).

Okay first thing first, Ginger is doing very well.  She continues to improve daily and is more herself (in a good way)!  She has learned that caffeine is still not very good for her and can cause her to be jittery.  She learned this not by drinking coffee, but tea.  The spacing of her medicine has made all the difference in the world.  Dizziness and lightheadedness can still be a problem but it still looks like that is tied to how much water she intakes.  But at the end of the month we go to the neurologist to get an MRI and EEG.  And a big thank you to everyone who is helping Ginger get around!

As for me, I have started to improve as well.  As Ginger's sister said, I suffered a trauma as well.  My creativity went bye bye for a bit and I could feel depression try to claw itself into my mind.  Taking care of Ginger has been a good distraction, with her getting better I have been able to breathe a bit easier.  Thankfully I have recognized it and my camera is not far from me and ideas are still whirling in my head.  I need to get into my studio to clean it, that usually sparks my creativity.

Of course work has not helped.  This last week was brutal as far as heat is concerned.  From being outside to working in an apartment where the ac does not work.  With temperatures soaring outside to 110 with the heat index, you can imagine that the temp inside is above 120.  So when your boss is asking what is taking so long you just want to say, stay in here for 2 hours straight and then ask me that question.   At those temperatures your mind begins to slow down and your comprehension starts to slow.  Luckily, next door we are working in too and it has AC, so a break is possible.  And I am hydrating like mad.    I am ready for a good friend of mine to be back from sickness (he is back tomorrow).   The other guys, well, I better just not say anything right now.  I am just seeing and hearing things that are concerning.  So I will do my job to the best of my ability and be on the look out for my next photograph.

Speaking of which look what came in the mail:

They send a free copy to contributor's and mine arrived last week!  It is so surreal to open it up and see your work displayed.  Now they paraphrased and wrote the article.  I guess photography is my antidepressant lol since there is not a lot of medicine I can take!   Seriously, photpgraphy has been a Godsend for me.   It has helped me to look outside of myself and see God's beauty and express what is on the inside of me.  I am seriously honored to see my work on display!  For those asking, it should be in stores any day (July 2019 edition).

Well that is all for this week!  I have a few ideas in my brain, so in the future more creativity coming.  Thank you for everyone's love and support!  Keep the prayers coming!


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