Week 39: And Along Came the Spiders

Welcome everyone from a very beautiful Gatlinburg Tennessee!  I think this is the first time I have written my blog on the road, but do not quote me on that!  My IPad Pro has given me the ability to edit photos with the addition of a program called Affinity Photo.   It is like a mobile Photoshop.  One more thing that I get to learn the ins and outs of.  I love learning.  Of course I have been involved with computers for 35 years (My Dad longer than that and my brother is an IT genius).  I know a thing or two.  Not to mention my two nephews, my brothers sons, one who is another computer genius in the making and the other just got accepted into flight school!

   A much needed vacation for me in a place that is absolutely serene.  The view is absolutely amazing, thanks to Ginger’s Mom and the hard work she took in finding this place.  We decided to make the trip in one day yesterday and got in last night.  It was wonderful last night and breathtaking this morning.  So as I sit on the balcony drinking my green apple soda I am in a totally relaxed place.

So this weeks photo.  I asked Ginger if she wanted me to call it along came a spider or the things from nightmares.  She chose the first.  So first the photo:

A spider and his friend

jThis was my buddy for the week.  We were working out at a house in Bullard this week.  One of the painters came and got me, everyone knows I am an avid photographer.  And they pointed out this beautiful spider.  I couldn’t believe it.  Hadn’t seen one of these in a couple of years, especially so big.  That particular day though I had left my camera.  Lucky for me the spider was still there the rest of the week and I had my camera with me.  Here is another for those spider lovers out there!

So lunch consisted of eating really fast and then taking pictures.  I took an insane amount but to get the right ones with things in focus it takes that.

So the guys at work did not want me to leave for vacation:

This was too funny!  It is good to be liked by my coworkers, we really are like a family.  Gonna miss them this week but I am sure we will be texting.  Did not create a find Paulo this week but I will be sure to do one when I get back.  Paulio goes to Tennessee!  Love everyone and pray for our safe return.  Sophie is having fun with our neighbors this week and we are so thankful for them!  Until next week!



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