Week 36: Amanda and Lewis Wedding!

What a wonderful weekend Ginger and I have had.  Wouldn't have known at the beginning of the week.  We have been trying to get a handle on Ginger's mood stabilizer.  Along with her doctor we were on a plan to reduce it.  But it was a little too fast and Ginger has been exhibiting unstable behavior because of it.  So we began the process of slowly increasing it, not to the level it was at her job, but enough that she is finally starting to feel herself.  Still dealing with depression, but she knows she can talk to me about that and I know all about it.  And for the first time in a while we were able to go to church, it has been a good weekend indeed!

As well, with the weather cooling down, work for me at the ranch has started up again!  I worked in the barn on Saturday, doing a little end of the summer cleaning.  Cannot tell you how happy I was to get back to the ranch to see Rebecca, and Andy, Jewels, all the horses and their newest addition a miniature horse name Peanut.  You just feel the peace of God upon that land and Rebecca uses it for ministry.  I mean I am happy with my regular job, but going to the ranch on Saturday is still my favorite!

This weekend was also Ginger's best friends wedding, and someone I consider like a sister.  Amanda and Lewis got married and I was able to stretch my photography muscles.  She had a professional photographer there but I could not help but take my fair share of photos (over 150).  So though I cannot edit them all right now I did edit a few of my favorites:

Ginger and Amanda

Amanda and Lewis

Amanda, Lewis and Chloe

My Lovely Wife, Soft Focus Effect
It was a beautiful wedding and we had a blast being there (including me!).  Amanda is one of our dearest friends and we are so happy for her.  She is on her way on a month long honeymoon!

So this week's installment of Find Paulio is expert level.  I purposely made this one super hard.  Not all of them will be, but I just decided to be devious this week.  I promise you he is in there you just have to keep your eyes on the details!  (Again, I expect Debbie and Matt's kids will find him quickly, they always do!). 

This is also the entrance to Redemption Ranch.  Still cannot tell you how much I love driving through this gate.  I can look around and see things that I have done, that Andy has done, that Rebecca has done, God truly has blessed this land. 

One of the fun benefits I get at Rebecca's is fresh eggs!  With chickens in the kitchen coop, I get eggs to make hard boiled eggs, one of my favorites!  This weeks were a slight blue and brown. 

Yes the egg has a blue tint to it. 

So Ginger is making her famous chicken corn tortilla soup tonight!  And I have already made a bean dip for us to have with it.  It has been a relaxing weekend.  And since the increase in medication I have seen my wife become more stable (still dealing with depression after effects but getting better).  Soon enough she will feel "normal".  We share these things so that everyone knows the best way to pray for us!  She even went and saw a movie with Laura this afternoon while I edited photos and watched the Cowboys lose.  Well, I will admit I changed the channel for a while lol.  Even so, even that was not enough to dampen the weekend! 

Look, one final note.  (Climbs up on soap box).  Hurt people, hurt people.  And people that are miserable and just mean want to make you miserable too.  It is not Godly to do that, in fact, even without God in the mix, it is just not compassionate.  If you are hurting, or worried, or under stress and want someone to come along side of you, then ask for that.  Trying to make someone feel bad just because you do is evil.  Because all you do, when you do that, is create resentment.  As for me, when someone tries that with me all I have to do is look at my life, look at the love and support around me, and know that I have a team around me that wants the best for me.  If you want that kind of love and support, stop trying to control people and accept that people are human and try to help those around you be better people.  When you do that you might find that those people will walk alongside you.  I see, too often, people trying to tear others down.  Get a life.  I can help you if you re miserable but if you are going to try to make me miserable your going to have a hard time, I have a bunch of people behind me and a big God that have something different to say than what you have to say.  (Climbs down off soap box).  Just a little rant.  Just seeing a friend of mine suffer so had to say something, he reads the blog and knows I love him to death.

So I hope everyone is having a good weekend!  Mine has been fantastic!  I smell some tortilla corn soup cooking and my mouth is watering!  Thank you for your prayers, love ya'll my family and friends!



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