Week 35: Reaching out into the Darkness

 So Friday night I was resting on the couch after a long week of work.  Sometimes I watch videos because I find inspiration in music.  One of my favorite bands is a band called Shinedown.  A rock group that I can really relate too.  The lead singer is in recovery and the bassist/producer deals with depression.  And they write music that does not hold back and talks about issues that they have personally faced.  I respect that.  So I came across their song Unity and that familiar feeling of creativity began creeping into my mind.  Correction, it didn't creep, it came slamming in with hurricane force.  And for most of the night I thought about the ideas that were colliding in my mind putting a photo together.  Sometimes I can let the ideas just mature.  Other times I cannot stop thinking about it, almost obsessively.  Maybe it is because I already had an idea about what I was going to write about this week.  So Saturday morning after my chores I got my camera out and began to create.  Even in the midst of distraction with some work related things, not even that deterred me from my main purpose.  

So here are part of the lyrics that will be the starting point for my discussion of this photograph:

Put your hands in the air
If you hear me out there
I've been looking for you day and night
Shine a light in the dark
Let me see where you are
'Cause I'm not gonna leave you behind
If I told you that you're not alone
And I show you this is where you belong

So here is a person in the dark.  It could be you, it could be me.  It could be that person that shows up at this blog because they see I am writing about addiction, depression, bipolar, anxiety, or even how Ginger and I are dealing with any of these and how we navigate through life with such love for each other even through it all.  And there is the light that whoever is in the dark is holding, hoping to be found.  And the person at the top of the stairs, well, they have been searching, day and night for anyone in the dark, hoping to pull them out, show them they are not alone, that they won't get left behind and that there are people out there, just like them, who struggle, who hurt but who also persevere and live life with contentment.  

And maybe you have a different interpretation.  For me the hand reaching out is a metaphor for my blog.  I had someone ask me how many followers I had.  They were surprised by my answer.  I told them it didn't matter.  But the more followers you have, they reasoned, the more people you can have.  Let me be honest about something.  The minute I begin to worry about how many followers I get or likes I get the more I get caught up in writing what will get me followers and maybe miss what I should really be writing about.  Listen I write with one purpose in mind, to help.  If one person comes to this blog and comes out of the darkness it is worth it, that one person, that one follower is enough.  And I approach my photography the same way.  I'm blessed to be able to create what I want, not constrained by clients that want what they want.  I have been able to mark some things off my bucket list.  I have been published.  I have had a photo go viral.  But the most satisfying thing that my photography and blog have accomplished is when that one person comes, texts, emails, comments and says, you helped me.  Let me be clear, I give glory to God who works through me in all this.  He gives me the ideas and He gives me the ability to accomplish getting out what I see in my mind.   Here is another photograph that was spawned by this song:

 This blog is for everyone.  That hand that is being held out will help whoever grabs it.  And if you don't have the strength to grab mine, I will grab yours.  This thing called life, it can be hard.  But if we come together and help each other maybe we can make this world a little better place.  I use to think I was damaged goods.  I know longer feel that way and want to help others who feel they are know that they are not.  There is hope.  There is another stanza in the song:

So have you ever been caught in a sea of despair?
And your moment of truth
Is the day that you say "I'm not scared"

You see, today I am not afraid to face life anymore, my hope is that whoever comes to this blog realizes that they too do not have to be afraid.
Here is the song that sparked my creativity:
So this weekend is Ginger and I's annual fall shopping trip.  We seriously look forward to this moment the day after the holiday's are over.  Sometimes things go off without a hitch.  But living with bipolar, Ginger never knows when a flair up may come.  And yesterday bipolar was making itself known.  It came in waves (and didn't realize to later it had to do with morning medication not taken).  She had a moment in the afternoon so we had to calm down.  We actually went to one store, but then had to come home because of the overstimulation.  Got home, calmed down, went out and had a fantastic time until the very end of the last store, but by then we were done, we were able to come home, I was able to rub Ginger's hands (which helps) and make her laugh.  You'd be surprised at how much healing laughter gives!   Ginger was happy, she got three new candles!  Me, I got the rest of my halloween character collection (you'll see in the pictures below).

So at 7 am this morning I began putting up decorations and fall cleaning.  So how about some pictures!?!
Here is our Mantle:

Here is peppermint place with flickering lights and Spooky, our resident ghost, making his appearance!

Here is our dining room table with our candy corn centerpiece.  And another new candle Ginger got in Rome Georgia!

Another one of our Halloween friends (who stays in my studio most of the year), Batty decided to come out!  And I was stoked to see that my Salem Sisters Bad Apple Soda is back at World Market!  In fact I am drinking one now!

Of course my favorite haunted houses that are around my computer.  The one on top flashes with lightning which makes me really happy!  The haunted houses are about the most risque thing we have going on this Halloween!

So this is on our book shelf.  Fitting, my favorite series of all times is behind the orange candle holder.

Now the last picture.  Yes, you guessed it.  Find Paulio.  So for all of you complaining that about them being too easy, thought I'd make an expert level one.  I have a feeling Matt and Debbie Sanchez's kids will find him in about 10 seconds......  Have fun everyone!

Once again thank you for all your prayers.  I can smell dinner cooking and Ginger made me cookies!  Love everyone and I will have a cookie for you!



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