Week 34: Pictures of the Eclipse

So this week we have had two major events happen.  The first was the eclipse which came over Texas with 75-80% coverage.  Did I have my camera, you bet I did!  I had my ultra zoom lens and my 100mm prime lens.  Turns out we had clouds that day which, for me, was actually a good thing.  Clouds act as diffusers so I did not need a major filter on my camera (though I had one in the wings).  So here are my shots of the eclipse:

Canon 5d Mark III 100mm

Canon 5d Mark III 600 mm

At first look this looks like the moon, but I assure you this is the sun (my time stamps in the EXIF data will attest to that!).  These were taken at 1:15 pm in the afternoon!

I finally got to go to Lindale and eat at Love and War.  Oh my goodness this is a fantastic place to eat!  Definitely gonna have to take the in laws there and my parents when they come!  I had the Chicken Fried Steak and it was out of this world!  Bonus, Ginger and I were able to eat with our Family Care Group and it was good to see everyone and we even ran into some special people in our lives and they got to see how well Ginger was doing!  God is truly good!

So I read an article about how some insect photographers actually have live specimens that they put in the refrigerator to slow them down, or the freezer.  I do not like this method of putting insects into forced hybernation.   The insects I find are usually dead or I photograph them in the wild.  That said, I did another shot of my Cicada Killer Wasp and a Cicada that I found.

Cicada Killer Wasp:  5d Mark III 100mm
 This is the look I was looking for with this wasp.

Cicada:  5d Mark III 100 mm
I wanted a clear shot of the head of this cicada with an eye for detail.  Getting much better at Macro Photography, photographing these insects is fun!  ( I know Mom, not your cup of tea!)

Now the next major event that has happened is Hurricane Harvey.  In Tyler we have not been hit yet but the models show that late this week it should make it's way up this way and give us 3 to 5 inches of rain.  A far cry from the 50+ that Houston is projected to get.  So keep everyone in Texas in your prayers.  Thank you all or your prayers.



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