Week 32: Floating Light Bulb and the Stomach Flu

If I would have known last week as I wrote my blog what I would be subjected to this week I don't know what I would have done!  It is moments like that in which I am glad I do not know how to look into my future. 

It started on Monday.  Monday afternoon I started getting achy.  I had spent most of the morning and afternoon in a bathroom painting with oil based paint and my good friend cleaning the tub in their with muratic acid.  In the morning I had a fan blowing in there, in the afternoon I didn't need it to dry the texture in there.  So the achy feeling I associated with fumes and removed myself from the bathroom into fresh air.  In my last job our cleaning lady would come in and spray bleach on everything and leave, so more than a few times I knew what chlorine fume poisoning felt like. 

But Monday night I just got worse.  My stomach at this time was upset and that was unusual.  I had no appetite and I just felt off.  Usually when I have had problems with fumes by the time I get home and a shower I start feeling better.

Well Tuesday came and I had to keep myself in ibuprofen so that I could function.  It was obvious, at this time, I had some stomach ailment.  I won't get graphic but you can imagine.  I had to stay by a toilet, which thankfully where I was working I had one.  Still, Tuesday wasn't unbearable and I was praying it was a 24 hour bug.  By now I was not eating much, chicken noodle is all I could stomach and I was drinking gatorade now to keep my strength up.

Then Wednesday hit.  I started the morning throwing up.  Against my wife's advice I went to work.  But the throwing up didn't stop.  Anything I put into me came out one way or the other.  Now the guys at work knew I was really sick.  Some would say later they would have gone home.  With my boss on vacation, the thought never crossed my mind. 

Then Thursday I started seeing some slow improvement.  I began to get a little appetite.  At the end of the day, however, I got over heated and started getting nausea.  But by the time I got home I was resting.  And then my appetite started coming.  The fever was breaking.  By Friday I was weak, but I didn't feel the heaviness in my abdomen.  And then I weighed myself and found out that during this whole foray I had lost 7 pounds. 

So this weekend I have taken it really easy, Ginger's orders.  Moving to Colorado and opening a photography shop may not be such a bad idea lol.  So it has been a relaxing weekend.  I have rested a lot, done a lot of napping, but I have been able to do a little photography!  Decided I wanted to continue my theme of stand alone light bulbs so the picture for this week is just that:

I had fun with this shot.  I also made a contraption to mount the dimmer and plug and insulated the wires so that everything became much safer.  I have also loved these vintage bulbs.  So I am gonna do a series of these bulbs standing alone.

One final note, Asia you got your blog (yes I had to mention you!  You and Teddy are some of my biggest supporters!)  Ghostbusters is on, don't cross the beams!


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