Week 31: Trick Shot with Light Bulb Glowing

We are going light hearted this week.  So I have been wanting to do this shot for a while.  Martin Hirsch had done something similar and I fell in love with it.  Here is my take:

Standalone Light Bulb Glowing

It is a trick shot.  A lone light bulb, on a grate (or as Martin did, on a patio table), that is glowing.  Something that should not be happening.  So how did I do it?

First a disclosure.  Do not try this at home if you are unfamiliar with electricity.  This can be a dangerous shot to take due to the electricity.  You can shock yourself and, if you are not careful, could seriously shock yourself and hurt yourself or kill yourself.  I have extensive experience with electricity.  I actually hooked this light bulb up with two wires coming from a dimmer switch (which lowered the voltage and the danger), hiding the wires with well placed putty.  The grate I was using was metal, so I assured that no wires were exposed and touching the grate.  Once I had triple checked everything I plugged it in and did not touch either the grate or the light bulb while photographing.  If I had to adjust anything, I turned off the voltage at the dimmer and then unplugged it. 

So with that said, it was just a matter of finding the right position.  I had a lot of fun taking this shot, especially since I could see it was going to work pretty quickly.  I did have some issues with the wires falling off, but I was patient (and muttered under my breath lol!).  This was not what I originally was going to do this week but that is what happens when I start cleaning my studio and look on my idea shelves......



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