Week 33: Cicada Killer Wasp

So this week I found this beauty on the ground.  This is a Cicada Killer Wasp.  Is it dangerous?  No.  It goes after cicada's and not humans, though it is best to not bother them.

Cicada Killer Wasp
I used my newer, smaller, light box and had a lot of fun in Photoshop just tweaking the colors.  I waited till Ginger left to take pictures of it, didn't want her freaking out when she walked into my studio to ask what I was doing lol!  She never knows if I am doing a moody portrait or I have found some cool bug to photograph!

So this week was better than last week.  Had a bit of a rough time on Wednesday, but started feeling better by Thursday night.  Feeling fantastic now as I write this.

God amazes me sometimes.  Ginger has been dealing with some fear issues at work.  Most of us have been there.  On Saturday she came to me wanting some counsel about the fear she was dealing with.  First a side note.  When Ginger and I were dating and when we got married I would help her get to the root of some of the problems with bipolar she was dealing with, we called it thorn pulling.  God has used me as a conduit to help Ginger.  I will begin asking questions, giving suggestions, and, sometimes slowly, we begin to peel back the layers to the bottom underlying problem.  I am not a super counselor.  I have said it before that I am a student of Ginger's bipolar.  I have learned its in's and out's, I know the things that affect it and God uses that knowledge to help me when Ginger needs help.  There have been times that I have no clue where to start when she asks for help.  God just gives me the first step.  Once I take that step, the next is revealed and so on.  It really is an amazing process that just shows the wonders and mercies of God.  And since that time, this weekend has been a dream and Ginger has had a fantastic weekend.  It is just another testimony to the goodness of God!


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