Week 30: Silhouette effect and a Beatiful Spider

First of all I want to thank everyone who reached out to Ginger and I last week.  It is exactly what we wanted.  We wanted to use Facebook and this blog and my picture as a jumping point for discussion.  And it did.  I think for too long there has been a stigma about anything dealing with mental illness, especially in the church.

Faith plays a big part in how Ginger and I deal with our disorders, along with medicine, friends and family, a community group and our church home.  Ginger and I are involved in groups that are dedicated to mental illness or loved one's of those who have a mental disorder.  While the groups are small, and in my mind should be much bigger, there is still a stigma that we can't talk about these things.  Anyone who knows Ginger and I know how open we are.  We are not perfect and we want to spread the word, to anyone who will listen, that these things exist and there is healing.  And that may mean a therapist or psychologist, medication, or support groups.  And prayer can be a part of the therapy plan.  Which brings me to the first picture for the week (3 different styles):

Original:  Ginger's Favorite

Bleach Bypass Filter

Darkened to be like last week.
I laid in bed and this photograph came to mind.  I wanted another darkened shot to be part of my series from last week.  Prayer is important to us and Scripture.  It gives us encouragement and gives us direction when we cannot see a direction.  Now for the photography side of this shot, there are actually three flashes being used on this shot.  Two directly to the side of me, one right above the other (to get the silhouette effect)  and a flash with a snoot to light the Bible.  At one time I was absolutely against using flash because I didn't understand them.  The change, getting manual flashes which gave me the control I needed to mold the light. 

Now then.  In another direction entirely.  I built another, smaller, light box to use with my light box LED that I could slip in. 

Yep, PVC.  I love using PVC because I can customize it and it is not very expensive.  Plus, as this project morphed, I am able to adjust.  It has spots I can put my flashes in.  And it give me very good results.  So Mom, as much as you hate bugs, this is not a live bug I am about to show you.  Story of it is after the picture:

So first of all when I first looked through the viewfinder and saw the reflection on the LED light I was stoked.  It was an added bonus.  This is a black widow.  I used focus stacking to make it sharp throughout the dynamic range.  And yes, this thing is dead.  I use a pair of tweezers to move it around, and I have a special storage container for it.

I found this thing a couple of weeks ago at Rebecca's ranch.  It was dead, they told me to make sure it was dead (probably wanted to step on it).  Well, this thing, not only was it huge, but when I checked it was not moving.  So I put it in something where it could not get away if it wasn't and brought it home.  Ginger thought it was cool but was glad it was in a container.  It did not have a egg sac so I wasn't going to get 100's of baby widows in the container.  Was going to do a top shot and I thought it might look neat sideways.  Extremely happy with this picture.  


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