Week 26: Portrait of Ginger and I

So after the black and white shot from last week, the self portrait, another idea came into my head.  I wanted to do a picture of Ginger and I, one in which she was laying her head and hand on my chest.  I wanted it to be another black and white and moody.

Ginger dolls herself up for date night on Saturday.  Always.  So I shared with Ginger my thought and she was actually excited.  So we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Breakers, and then headed home for a photo shoot!  Ginger was a doll as I set up, getting my flashes and umbrella's ready, and then got her in to take some test shots.  And then began the process.  She was able to see the process of getting the light right and even the poses as I moved her this way and that.  When all the stars aligned (and her hair met her standards) she was like, that is it.  And it was:

I love this shot.  My signature hat on and Ginger snuggled up next to me.  It took more time to set up than to get the shot.

Of course, in the midst of taking the shots there was another one.  In this one, Ginger was not smiling and she called it intense.  I loved the candidness of the shot and is actually the favorite of the two for me.  Ginger, of course, likes her smiling picture (update:  Ginger likes Intense one better, just keeping it real!).  This picture just shows an intimacy to me.  It captures a candid moment (I think I hit the remote release a bit too soon, but it was a happy quick trigger for me!)

I kept the negative space above because I believe it brings the viewer down to the shot, plus, I like negative space.

I am blessed to have many encouragers in my life.  Some leave comments on this blog, others on Facebook, and then some decided to text me.  Like my Mom texting me this week!  One of my encourageers is Asia, the wife of Teddy, Ginger's cousin.  So some full disclosure.  It was Teddy who, early in my photography career actually inspired me, encouraged me (and continues to do so, he is always one of the first to like my photo's), and is someone I can talk photography with.  His brother, Steven, actually helped me mark something off my bucket list, doing a photo shoot of his rock star concert.  He is one of my favorite singers and he is quite famous with his band My Excuse.  So Asia commented on my last black and white from last week, but she changed it (cropped it) to this:

I loved it.  Her exacted words were:  "So much movement, stillness, worries and ambitions..just in that part."  "You have a way of showing emotions through your pictures and that's amazing."   She gave much more encouragement, but those words meant more than a 1000 likes.  And then she said this:

You are exposing yourself with yourself.  I feel like you feel the need to speak through the blog but you do it so others can learn.  I feel like the photos are more personal to you.  They project how you feel for you, not for the others.

She knows this artist well.  Her husband Teddy is a fantastic artist as well, so she knows her art!  My photographs are deeply personal to me and they are an extension indeed of how I feel.   Just like this weeks.  They show a deep love I have for my wife.  Ginger is such a part of me and I have said it before, she is part of my creative process.  She grounds me.  She gives a practical aspect to my photography that I cherish.  And picking the frames and mattes, well, there is no other that has the eye for it like her.

So the last photos.  I said I would show some more flame fractal art.  These two are actually my own creations from scratch:

 Just a little fun as I am cooling down from work!  Hope everyone is doing well, Ginger's sister is in town so it is great to be hanging with the family!  A special thank you to all my encouragers, you help me when at times it seems that nothing is there.



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