Week 28: 50th Anniversary for my Mom and Dad

50 years ago today my Mom and Dad were married.  50 years.  I have watched, learned, how love grows, blossoms, and matures through their example.  I have seen them in incredible highs and weather terrible storms.  And through it all I have seen them grow stronger and I have seen their faith grow as well.  In some of the greatest storms I have had in my life, it was remembering how they raised me that led me to the rainbow on the other side of the storm.  They are "the" example I use in loving Ginger and I strive to love my lovely wife like my Dad has loved my Mom.

Here is what I love.  They don't have a perfect love, they are perfect for loving each other, just like Ginger and I.  There has been laughter and tears.  When I saw them recently when they visited there was that love.  I could not have asked for a better set of parents, I was blessed by God immensely.  I tell so many people how my Dad is my spiritual mentor, a wealth of wisdom that comes directly from God.  My Mom, she is my encourager.  She is one of the greatest supporters of my photography and artwork.

So on this day, and in this blog, I just want to honor them.  They are my heroes.  And I am proud to say they are my Mom and Dad.  Happy Anniversary. 

In other news close to home, we had a visitor when I walked Ginger out to her car this week.  She was stopped on the balcony staring at something.  It was at this moment I am sooo glad to have my sigma 150-600mm which to my utter delight, I could take good pictures hand held!  Meet Ollie (Ginger had to name him!)

Here is a cropped view:

This barred owl moved a few times, kept it's eye on me wondering who this human was pointing this thing at it!  I took 90 shots, before work!  This is the second time in a month I saw Ollie.  I missed the first time to take a shot, this time I took advantage and walked really, really slow!

Lastly, I got my Infrared Filter.  I am going to have to take some time to learn it but I did take a quick shot to try it out:

Vegetation turns white which is so cool! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!   Here is to some more photography this week!



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